Hurricane Prep

Y’all! My heart breaks watching the news of the devastation caused by Hurricane Florence and Hurricane Michael. Our town was spared. My sister lives about 35 miles from some areas of total devastation in Florida. She and her family and their home are unharmed. Please continue to pray for those affected and try to serve however possible. Our kids’ school has adopted another school and we are doing a food drive for them.

While we were out of school, here are some things we did:

Charlie and I shopped for food while AC was at gymnastics and Daddy was at work:IMG_6047Lots of play time at home and we visited Daddy at work. I think they would make great assistants for him. 🙂 IMG_6091IMG_6093AC had gymnastics so Charlie and I played tennis.IMG_6096AC built a shelter from the storm.IMG_6140More slime and baking going on since we had power.IMG_6157IMG_6202IMG_6206IMG_6203IMG_6208IMG_6204My babies~IMG_6178IMG_6159Playing outside after the rain:IMG_6161Then the sun came out so we went for a family run:IMG_6137By Saturday we were ready for some football!IMG_6288IMG_6360After the game we hopped in the truck and headed to the mountains for some apple picking fun!IMG_6361IMG_6362IMG_6363IMG_6364IMG_6322IMG_6347IMG_6317Look at my sweet loves~IMG_6605IMG_6604

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Labor Day Weekend

Cheering on our Alma Mater with the Brazells and Wackerhagens!IMG_5839IMG_5855IMG_5854IMG_5853IMG_5841Fun morning at our house:IMG_1949 3IMG_5883IMG_5888IMG_5886IMG_5897IMG_5881Then Charlie went fishing with Grandpa and AC stayed home and played…and made slime! Ha!IMG_5919IMG_5917We had fun celebrating Aunt Spencer’s birthday!IMG_6010IMG_5996One day Charlie, Daddy, and Uncle Brandon played golf while AC, Granny, Aunt Melanie, and I got pedicures. 🙂 IMG_5798IMG_5782IMG_5781And a random thought…I’m so thankful for my job. I get to work with these teachers and preservice teachers!IMG_4822IMG_5969

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Fun Friends :)

Swimming with the Freemans and Smiths:IMG_5619Fun at Oakleaf 🙂 IMG_6084Abby Grace and Anna Claire had fun at Ella’s house!IMG_2158Beyblades with Nathan:IMG_6073These boys love Dude Perfect!IMG_6058Practicing some fun moves for the talent show (that isn’t until the spring but they are having fun!)IMG_6019Making the perfect paper airplane!IMG_6077Slime!IMG_6074IMG_6057IMG_6070Outside fun with the Broadwells!IMG_6165Sweet Emma!IMG_5528🙂 IMG_5533Now on to a different subject…our sweet boy has been struggling to get these seizures under control. They still aren’t as good as they were, but it’s getting better. Please pray they GO AWAY!IMG_6214IMG_6457Snuggling with my babies!IMG_5643Ha! They were making a video on how to make a cake in a mug. 🙂 IMG_5639Dabbing with his Panther bear.IMG_5771Y’all…more…slime…ahh!!IMG_6258IMG_5866Sweet kiddos~IMG_5641Making caramel apples:IMG_6626Drafting their teams for fantasy football!IMG_5876Ahh!! A snake was outside our living room window!IMG_5791So thankful for all these fun memories!

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School is off to a great start!

Day 2 of 4th grade:IMG_5693The kids play basketball, ride their scooters, or do something fun before school each morning. After school we grabbed a snow cone and played outside, took AC to gymnastics, then Charlie and I went shopping for some items to donate to a local food pantry in need.IMG_5734Day 3:IMG_5711The PTA bought and passed out cookies for all the students at school. After school we did a little fun shopping, made slime, and played in the sprinklers!IMG_5735Day 4:IMG_5736We made it to Friday! Playing outside again in the morning…IMG_5743And getting more snow cones(because it was their school spirit day and we have to support OGE!)IMG_5767The first Monday of the school year…day 5! (They had fun playing with this airplane before school and for about a week…then it broke because it’s styrofoam. But seriously, it was totally worth the money for the fun they had!)IMG_5787From school treats from their Aunt Spencer! (Day 6)IMG_5812Day 7: (I know…I eventually stopped taking daily pictures before school 😉 but they are just so cute!)IMG_6168Day 8:IMG_5931Day 9: Lunch at school with Mommy!IMG_6191First day of Run Hard!IMG_6199Grits with Grandparents:IMG_5947Family Game night at school. So Fun! Pizza, bingo, literacy games(dress as a book character), math games…IMG_6440Mommy called the bingo numbers 😉 IMG_6449Sweet boy earned is running patch!IMG_6468They earned their run hard shirts for the season.IMG_6597IMG_6559IMG_6561IMG_6593IMG_6557IMG_6603Walk to school day!IMG_6885IMG_6896IMG_6893IMG_6897I love getting pictures and videos from their teachers of fun things they are doing at school. Here are a couple from art…IMG_6481IMG_6480And here are some from science…IMG_7084IMG_7082Oh, and can’t miss posting some past and present pictures of my gamecock babies! 🙂 IMG_5826IMG_5820

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FoUrTh grade!

I remember fourth grade. I can close my eyes and picture the classroom. We were in the building up the hill at Lexington Elementary. Ms. White was my teacher. I remember our class pets – Topsy and Turvy – guinea pigs. I remember the field day shirts we made that were blue and we puff painted tornados on them. I remember our chant from field day…”White’s tornados coming through…one by one and two by two!” I remember her spending time with some of us over the summer to get us ahead with math practice. It’s hard to believe our babies are in fourth grade now! They have had a great start to their school year. Their teachers are Mrs. Rogers and Mrs. Yelton. Here are some pictures from their first day! I also had the opportunity to pray with a bunch of moms on the first day of school for the upcoming year. It was a wonderful morning!IMG_5663IMG_5668IMG_5651IMG_5657IMG_5665IMG_5685IMG_5647IMG_5645IMG_5658IMG_5649IMG_5674IMG_5690

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