It Takes a Village

I helped lead a 2 week professional development for teachers from rural SC. Thanks to Devin, Melanie, Caity, Cortney, and my Momma, my babies were in excellent hands! The first week, Devin took Charlie to football camp at USC. He had a great time! Aunt Melanie took him the rest of the week since Devin was at a conference. While Charlie was at football, AC worked hard at gymnastics!IMG_2110IMG_2109IMG_2111IMG_2112IMG_2113IMG_2114The Bonesteels were at the beach, so we took care of Sophie.IMG_2118This was AC one morning…I think we all felt that way by the middle of the week! πŸ™‚Β IMG_2120Heading off to another day of football and gymnastics!IMG_2121One day they headed to the zoo (trip 1 of 2 during these two weeks). Keeping with our Dr. Seuss theme, we read Put Me In The Zoo. πŸ™‚Β IMG_2222IMG_2223IMG_2224IMG_2225For four nights in a row these kids slept on this pallet in Charlie’s room. Oh how I love them!!IMG_2141One day after football and gymnastics they went swimming with Aunt Mel at granny and papa’s pool. Another day they went to storytime at the library and saw the magician!IMG_2143IMG_2144IMG_2145Thursday evening we had a mother/son and father/daughter date night! Boys and moms went to Grouchos, watched Reece’s karate class, then to Pelicans. Girls and dads went to Chick-fil-A and got a limo ride!!IMG_2152IMG_2155IMG_2159IMG_2161IMG_2193IMG_2192IMG_2207IMG_2208Here we are again at the Bonesteels…playing outside and with Sophie.Β IMG_2163IMG_2162Oh my boy was so tired one afternoon. He fell asleep on the couch reading. I picked him up and let him sleep in my lap for 30 minutes. Love love love!IMG_2165We built a simple motor using a battery, some copper wire, and a magnet. So cool!IMG_2136Look at this sweet little kitten one of our fellows rescued during our professional development week in Calhoun!IMG_2147Friday night we took Daddy out to dinner at Longhorn and dessert at Kaminsky’s to celebrate Father’s Day. Oh we sure do love him!IMG_2195IMG_2194Saturday we celebrated Father’s Day with my Daddy, Pa, and Papa. So blessed!!IMG_2171IMG_2172IMG_2173IMG_2176Sunday we went to church and then celebrated Father’s day with Devin’s dad. I’m so thankful for such a wonderful father-in-law! And check out this adorable cake my sister-in-law made!IMG_2199IMG_2202Monday started the second week of my professional development which means the second week of my village helping out! Keeping with our Dr. Seuss theme, we read “Thidwick the Big Hearted Moose”…because these people helping me out sure do have big hearts! Devin took the kids to play disc golf. They had so much fun!IMG_2227IMG_2230IMG_2231Then to the zoo…IMG_2229Then, y’all, they cooked supper! Ahh! It was so good!IMG_2228Tuesday, AC headed to gymnastics and Charlie headed to hang out with Aunt Caity and his cousins. They had so much fun! They picked up AC at noon and headed to eat and play at McDonalds. When I got to their house, the kids were having so much fun…outside in the rain finding bugs. Seriously…love these cousins!IMG_2221Here’s the group I was with during those two weeks. πŸ™‚Β IMG_2245Wednesday, they both went to Aunt Caity’s and had a blast! Coloring, puzzles, slip-n-slide, pizza lunch, watching Rio, and playing! They didn’t want to leave when I got there.IMG_2232IMG_2233IMG_2234IMG_2235Thursday, they spent the day with the Broadwells. They played a lot, painted, jumped on the trampoline, ate popsicles, enjoyed lunch, watched Storks, and played some more!IMG_2246IMG_2247IMG_2248IMG_2249IMG_2250Thursday night they spent the night with Granny and Papa. The next morning they headed to the State Museum, out to lunch, and back to Granny’s house to watch the new Beauty and the Beast. After that, Devin and I met them at Pelican’s then we went out to dinner. Granny and Papa kept up with the tradition that my Ma and Pa started and gave AC a new charm for her bracelet and Charlie a new tool for his toolbox for doing so well in 2nd grade.

IMG_2259FullSizeRender 15That night when we got home, the kids went for a run with me. We were all so happy to be finished with such a fun but busy week.IMG_2256IMG_2258Saturday was glorious. I didn’t leave my house. We cleaned, relaxed, cleaned, relaxed…and then my man cooked supper. Y’all, I’m telling you, I could get used to this! πŸ˜‰Β IMG_2260After dinner we had a family lego night. The challenge was to build a motorcycle. Charlie is holding his, I don’t think I ended up getting a pic of AC’s, mine is the next picture, and D’s is the last. We were all dying laughing because we thought Devin’s looked like Rudolph. Love you honey! And supposedly mine was built upside down…shows what I know! Ha!IMG_2263IMG_2262IMG_2261Sunday we went to church, out to lunch, played disc golf again, then went to see Cars 3 in the theater. Whew!Β FullSizeRender 14I sure am thankful for my village.

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Oh the Places You’ll Go

Over the years I have had fun doing a theme for our summer. Some of them have been colors, letters, fruits of the spirit, countries…this summer is Dr. Seuss. As you saw in my previous post, the cruise we took the first five days of summer break had a Dr. Seuss theme. So the kids and I have decided we are going to read as many Dr. Seuss books as we can get our hands on this summer. The first three we read when we got back from our cruise were “Oh the Places You’ll Go”, “Summer”, and “Fred and Ted Go Camping” which I thought were perfect as we are looking forward to the places we’ll go and the things we’ll do this summer.

We got back to town on a Monday, so the next day we headed to gymnastics for AC. She missed her team end of the year party while we were gone, so she got her trophy, tshirt, and award for most improved when she got to practice. She was so excited! After practice we went home to bake goodies and take them to our friends at Oakleaf. That evening Charlie ran with Daddy for the first time and did great!IMG_1955IMG_1970IMG_1971IMG_1978Wednesday Mommy and Charlie ran while AC was at gymnastics.IMG_1984That afternoon we headed to the library for the summer reading kickoff!IMG_1985IMG_1986IMG_1987IMG_1988That night we went to the Blowfish baseball game with their school for the reading parade!IMG_1990IMG_1994IMG_1992The next day was errand day and they were troopers…stopped by USC to get stuff from Mommy’s office, Honda dealership for an oil change, Lowes, then home to play the rest of the day!IMG_1998IMG_2002IMG_2004Friday was a day of relaxation at Granny and Papa’s pool!IMG_2005IMG_2006IMG_2007Saturday morning we headed out early to Dreher Island at Lake Murray. PawPaw and Grandma were camping (like in our Fred and Ted book by Dr. Seuss πŸ˜‰ ) We had a wonderful day and didn’t get home until way past bedtime!IMG_2008IMG_2012IMG_2013IMG_2014IMG_2016IMG_2024IMG_2031IMG_2033IMG_2038IMG_2071IMG_2074IMG_2039IMG_2075IMG_2073IMG_2040IMG_2041IMG_2042IMG_2061IMG_2053IMG_2066IMG_2068IMG_2079IMG_2083IMG_2085Sunday we went to church and Chipotle with the Broadwells. After that, Daddy took the kids to play putt putt at Frankie’s Fun Park while Mommy got things ready for our next week. (no pics from putt putt, but both kids got a hole in one so they got a sweet treat afterwards…that’s their deal with daddy…anytime they play putt putt, if someone gets a hole in one, they get a sweet treat!) And here are a few pictures from around our home! Love our flowers and veggies!FullSizeRender

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The Rest of Our Cruise

Saturday morning we were still out at sea traveling to Cozumel. We ate breakfast then the kids participated in the Dr. Seuss parade. Then we went to a play and they chose Charlie to be Thing 1. πŸ™‚ IMG_1862IMG_1865IMG_1866IMG_1867IMG_1875IMG_1879After the play, we ate an early lunch at 11 and then we were ready to get off the ship at noon. We took a boat out to 3 different reefs to go snorkeling. It was SO MUCH FUN! Check out some of the pictures…IMG_2090IMG_2091IMG_2092IMG_2093IMG_2094IMG_2095IMG_2096IMG_2097IMG_2098After snorkeling, we ate at this amazing Mexican restaurant. It was the BEST. Oh my! Y’all, I seriously want to go back for the food.IMG_1880IMG_1883Then we did some more sightseeing and shopping and headed back to the ship that evening.IMG_1884Here we are at dinner…IMG_1887IMG_1889IMG_1890After dinner we played putt putt while the sun set.IMG_1891IMG_1893IMG_1894Then went for a night time swim!IMG_1895The next morning we headed to the Dr. Seuss character breakfast. πŸ™‚Β IMG_1896IMG_1897IMG_1898IMG_1899IMG_1900IMG_1901IMG_1904IMG_1902Then we went to a towel animal puppet show.Β IMG_1905After that we went swimming…for hours. It was actually so so nice. The kids are at a great age where they play and find other kids. Mommy even had fun on the three water slides!IMG_1911IMG_1912IMG_1918IMG_1919IMG_1920IMG_1923Ice carving…IMG_1925IMG_1949IMG_1952That evening we got cleaned up, went to dinner, and another show. It was so good!IMG_1934IMG_1939IMG_1941And of course one more trip to the candy store. πŸ™‚Β IMG_1942IMG_1926The next morning we woke up around 8, packed up, went to the dining room for breakfast, and were ready to get off the ship at 10am.IMG_1944IMG_1948 It was such a wonderful time away just the four of us. I’m so thankful for my family. πŸ™‚ We used these last year to travel to the Bahamas and this year to Cozumel. I’m hoping for many more uses in the near future! πŸ™‚Β IMG_1954

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A great start to summer…

Wednesday, May 31 was the last day of school for Anna Claire and Charlie. Second grade was wonderful! Here are pictures from their last day: IMG_1765IMG_1770IMG_1766IMG_1767IMG_1768IMG_1769They had a half day that day and got out at 11. We hit the road after school and headed towards Miami, FL! IMG_1772We made it to Vero Beach and stopped for the day. The next morning we got up, had breakfast at the hotel, and hopped in the car to get to Miami. By 12:30 we were eating lunch on our cruise ship!IMG_1773IMG_1774IMG_1775And of course since it was so nice out, the kids were so ready to change and get in the water!Β IMG_1776IMG_1779IMG_1783At 4:00 the ship set sail. We enjoyed ice cream, chess, dancing, and music. Afterwards we headed to our first dinner. Our waiters Gusti and Katya were wonderful! πŸ™‚Β IMG_1784IMG_1785IMG_1788IMG_1789FullSizeRender 11IMG_1794IMG_1795IMG_1798IMG_1797After dinner, we went to a game show, then played ping pong, ate more ice cream, played bingo, then headed back to our room for the night to get ready for a fun day in Key West the next day!IMG_1799IMG_1801IMG_1805IMG_1807IMG_1810

KEY WEST!! We ordered room service because it was an early morning and we wanted to make the most of our time in Key West. We had so much fun! IMG_1811IMG_1812IMG_1813On our trolley ride, the driver gave the kids a water gun to shoot people as we drove past. They thought it was hilarious!IMG_1815IMG_1816IMG_1817IMG_1818Ernest Hemingway’s house:IMG_1820IMG_1821IMG_1822IMG_1823Y’all, chickens are everywhere! It’s so crazy.FullSizeRender 12IMG_1828IMG_1829IMG_1831IMG_1832Gotta have some key lime pie!IMG_1838IMG_1840IMG_1845The kids went swimming when we got back on the ship, then we showered, played some cards in the room, and headed to dinner.IMG_1846IMG_1847IMG_1849IMG_1851IMG_1855IMG_1856IMG_1953After dinner we saw a great show, stopped by the candy store, and came back to the room to watch a movie and head to bed. We had a great day!IMG_1857IMG_1859IMG_1860IMG_1861

Next post will have our adventures in Cozumel and our day at sea!

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Wrapping up May

Thursday evening we headed to St. Stephens to watch Parker’s preschool graduation. πŸ™‚ Those little ones did a great job!IMG_1685IMG_1690Friday, the PTA purchased 800 cupcakes for all of our students, teachers, and staff at OGES as well as 30 balloons to decorate the cafeteria tables. It was a sweet treat for our school on the last full day of school. πŸ™‚Β IMG_1696IMG_1705That night we had our first swim of the season at Caroline’s super fun end of the year party!FullSizeRender 10IMG_1701IMG_1702Saturday, Cortney and I ran in a 5k. The kids and I then headed to Lifeway to register for our summer reading .IMG_1704Sunday we headed to Isle of Palms with the Broadwells. It was a beautiful day! We always have such fun together. πŸ™‚ So thankful for their friendship.IMG_1706IMG_1707IMG_1708IMG_1711IMG_1715IMG_1724IMG_1725IMG_1726IMG_1741Then we headed downtown for dinner. πŸ™‚Β IMG_1727IMG_1730IMG_1731After dinner we walked through the market then headed to different candy stores. πŸ™‚ They like the one in the middle of the market and we like the one at the end. We like this one because we love the homemade pralines and the kids like watching them make the goodies like caramel covered apples and chocolate covered strawberries and pretzels!Β IMG_1736Monday morning AC and I made a homemade pound cake. Since we got back so late from the beach, we all just hopped in bed, so I spent most of my day washing the towels and swim suits in addition to everyone’s bedding because it was sandy! Devin had to work that morning but got off early at 11:30, picked up the kids, took them to lunch, and then the zoo so I could cook. My mom, dad, Melanie, her friend Nicholas, and Pa came over for supper. We enjoyed our time together. I’m so thankful for those who gave their lives fightingΒ for our country.IMG_1745IMG_1747IMG_1746Today the kids had a party at school. They played fun minute-to-win-it style games and had a yummy brunch of chick-fil-a chicken minis, donuts, grapes, oranges, yogurt, and chex mix! We have been blessed with wonderful teachers…Mrs. Trish when they were 2, Mrs. Dorothy & Mrs. Elizabeth when they were 3, Mrs. Ninette & Mrs. Kelly when they were 4, Mrs. Morrow and Mrs. Parker in kindergarten, Mrs. Howell in first grade, and now Mrs. Stone in second grade. She has been a great teacher and the kids have had a fantastic year!! We are SO thankful for her!IMG_1750IMG_1751IMG_1753IMG_1754I snapped this picture this afternoon while he was reading to me while I was folding clothes. Love love love!IMG_1756So tomorrow is the last day of second grade. I can not believe it! Now on for some summer fun!!

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