Celebrating Owen!

Cousin #6 is on the way! Anna Claire and Charlie have 3 cousins on my side of the family and 2 on Devin’s. Once Owen makes is debut there will be 3 on each side. Caity and I had fun planning and hosting a shower for Spencer and Brandon the other weekend. IMG_7034IMG_7051IMG_7041IMG_7036IMG_7040IMG_7039IMG_7038IMG_7037IMG_7057IMG_7066IMG_7064IMG_7067IMG_7069IMG_7028IMG_7029And this past weekend Mrs. Amy hosted a shower for them in Charlotte. It was great to see some family we don’t see often.IMG_7188IMG_7189IMG_7190IMG_7192IMG_7193IMG_7197IMG_7203IMG_7208IMG_7187IMG_7191IMG_7204IMG_7194IMG_7210

Also while we were up there we celebrated Devin’s Granny’s birthday!IMG_7223IMG_7220IMG_7214IMG_7213And here’s a few more pictures…first are a couple more from football this season! 2 weeks left! IMG_6978IMG_6980And then Sunday we went to dinner with my mom, dad, and pa to celebrate my mom’s birthday. 🙂 IMG_7251IMG_7247IMG_7242Oh, and we got our flu shots! 😉  IMG_7238

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Date Night

When I wrote the title of this blog post I started humming my dear friend, McKenna’s, song “Date Night.” Y’all should totally go check her out on iTunes. Here’s a link (hope it works!)

Devin invited AC to dinner and a movie one night, so I took Charlie out. AC was so giddy! She got a new dress, they went to dinner at a new restaurant, then went to the movies. Charlie and I went to the pet store, dinner at Zaxby’s then we saw a movie too! It was such a fun night. IMG_2229 2IMG_2231 2IMG_2237IMG_2235 3IMG_6927IMG_6928IMG_6930IMG_6933IMG_6932IMG_6931

Devin and I try to have dates as often as possible…whether it’s a lunch date while the kids are at school or a date night. So thankful for any time we get!IMG_7094My sweet guy came and talked to our scholars about project based learning. 🙂 IMG_6958AC and her friend earned their patches at Run Hard!IMG_7104Fun with Bunco friends!IMG_7136Love my babies!!IMG_2283 2IMG_7103



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Amazing trip for Granny’s birthday!

My Momma is having a milestone birthday this Sunday. A couple weeks ago we all met in Georgia to stay at a wonderful 3 story cabin on a lake on the side of the mountain Friday through Monday. We had such a wonderful time together! Some of the highlights were the train ride into Tennessee, going to the orchard and taking a tractor ride to the pumpkin patch, swimming in the lake (yes it was hot even though it was fall!), and just spending time together around the campfire. I am so thankful we could all be together! Happy birthday Momma!IMG_6867IMG_6775IMG_6770IMG_6773IMG_6872IMG_6681IMG_6682IMG_6722IMG_2131IMG_2130IMG_6701IMG_6694IMG_6691IMG_6719IMG_6704IMG_2150IMG_6874IMG_6870IMG_6671IMG_6728IMG_2200 2IMG_2180IMG_2193 2IMG_2183IMG_2182IMG_6868IMG_6866IMG_6869IMG_6865

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The Wonderful Wizard of Oz…and the SC State Fair!

The kids went with Nana, Grandpa, and Parker to the SC State Museum one night for an event. There were snacks and characters, and a 4D movie and fun interactive things for them to do based off of Nana’s favorite move, The Wizard of Oz. They had a great time!IMG_6610IMG_6611IMG_6608IMG_6612IMG_6615IMG_6614IMG_6616IMG_6617 We headed to the SC State Fair last weekend. AC entered a cake into the fair again this year and got second place! Thanks to Aunt Spencer for practicing piping with her one weekend. 🙂 We love going to the fair and Devin and I love our lunch dates at the fair! 😉 The kids are on to us now and it’s so funny when they ask if we went. Ha!IMG_6529IMG_6637IMG_6644IMG_6651IMG_6655IMG_6653IMG_6649IMG_6908IMG_7071IMG_6989IMG_7012IMG_7004IMG_7014IMG_7027IMG_6995IMG_7017IMG_7022IMG_7025IMG_7020IMG_6994IMG_7011IMG_7006IMG_7002IMG_6996IMG_6999IMG_7007IMG_7018Lunch date without the kids. 😉 IMG_7078And lastly, this picture got left off of my post about apple picking so I had to add it here. 🙂 Love my boy!IMG_6350

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Hurricane Prep

Y’all! My heart breaks watching the news of the devastation caused by Hurricane Florence and Hurricane Michael. Our town was spared. My sister lives about 35 miles from some areas of total devastation in Florida. She and her family and their home are unharmed. Please continue to pray for those affected and try to serve however possible. Our kids’ school has adopted another school and we are doing a food drive for them.

While we were out of school, here are some things we did:

Charlie and I shopped for food while AC was at gymnastics and Daddy was at work:IMG_6047Lots of play time at home and we visited Daddy at work. I think they would make great assistants for him. 🙂 IMG_6091IMG_6093AC had gymnastics so Charlie and I played tennis.IMG_6096AC built a shelter from the storm.IMG_6140More slime and baking going on since we had power.IMG_6157IMG_6202IMG_6206IMG_6203IMG_6208IMG_6204My babies~IMG_6178IMG_6159Playing outside after the rain:IMG_6161Then the sun came out so we went for a family run:IMG_6137By Saturday we were ready for some football!IMG_6288IMG_6360After the game we hopped in the truck and headed to the mountains for some apple picking fun!IMG_6361IMG_6362IMG_6363IMG_6364IMG_6322IMG_6347IMG_6317Look at my sweet loves~IMG_6605IMG_6604

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