Happy Halloween

Our little kitty cat and football player had a lot of fun at our church trunk-or-treat on Sunday, carving pumpkins Monday, and celebrating with friends at school & trick-or-treating with family on Tuesday. Happy Halloween!IMG_0014IMG_0013IMG_0007IMG_0009IMG_0015IMG_0020IMG_0023IMG_0024IMG_0044IMG_0047IMG_0051IMG_0055IMG_0057IMG_0059IMG_0061IMG_9103IMG_9108IMG_0065IMG_0062IMG_0072And for fun…here are pictures from past halloweens…IMG_0042**And this guy…he sure is a keeper! 😉  IMG_9110

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Target Then and Now

This is how we used to look on trips to Target…

IMG_3648IMG_3647This is now…sure does seem like those pictures above were just yesterday!IMG_3638We had fun picking our pumpkins! Can’t wait to carve our jack-o-lanterns this weekend.IMG_3639Singing at Oakleaf in October…IMG_37823rd grade yearbook pictures!IMG_4004IMG_4005Singing at their Fall Festival:IMG_4011 2IMG_4023IMG_4015Enjoying football on the porch! We sure are loving this fall weather!IMG_3623

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Our boy and girl

Our boy…he is playing on a football team, participated in a golf camp, doing weekly basketball skills training, running with momma, fishing with grandpa, skateboarding and just enjoying life! Oh how he is such a precious part of our family!IMG_3622IMG_3824IMG_3899IMG_3901 2IMG_3903IMG_3904IMG_3905IMG_3906IMG_3908IMG_3912IMG_3913IMG_3651IMG_3654IMG_3692IMG_3694IMG_3700IMG_3813IMG_3815IMG_3885IMG_3881IMG_3882IMG_3996Our girl…getting stronger each week at gymnastics, baking her little heart out, starting to enjoy shopping, helping momma at the grocery store(she loves making the list!), and skating with her brother all over the house! This little lady is such a joy!!IMG_3720IMG_3751IMG_3753IMG_3756IMG_3821IMG_3822IMG_3763IMG_3764IMG_3914IMG_3780IMG_3656IMG_3701We are so blessed!

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Fun at School

Here are just a few of the great things the kids have been doing with their school…AC and I had fun at math night at KJ’s while Charlie was at basketball.IMG_3604IMG_3605IMG_3606Movie night…The Smurfs!IMG_3610IMG_3612IMG_3616IMG_3619Walk to school day…the kids were big helpers!IMG_3663IMG_3672IMG_3673IMG_3676IMG_3680IMG_3697They had guest readers come to their class. Then the teacher put a campfire on her smartboard and the kids got to read by the “campfire”. They got to bring blankets, pillows, flashlights, and ate smore snacks. 🙂 IMG_3715IMG_3714IMG_3703IMG_3710

Studying for SC History test with notecards mommy made. 🙂 IMG_3707IMG_3708Fundraiser Kickoff! The company representative was stuck in traffic so I had to lead the assembly. Haha!IMG_3716IMG_3717Lunch with my favorites!IMG_3916Their class got to participate in the pig races as a reward from the fundraiser. They came in 2nd place.IMG_3941IMG_3942The kids are having a great year! We are so incredibly thankful for their wonderful school, teachers, and friends.

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Family Fun

We’ve been having a lot of fun this October. We went to the fair. AC baked a pound cake and submitted it to the fair. She won 2nd place! IMG_3771IMG_3772IMG_3774IMG_3775IMG_3776IMG_3778IMG_3789The kids rode LOTS of rides, we walked through all the buildings, visited the farm, cheered on the pigs, played games, and ate yummy food. IMG_3790IMG_3792IMG_3793IMG_3797IMG_3798IMG_3800IMG_3802IMG_3803IMG_3807IMG_9017IMG_9022IMG_9024IMG_9029IMG_9033IMG_9035The next weekend we went to Hendersonville to Grandad’s Apples. We picked apples, worked our way through the corn maze, visited the pumpkin patch and farm animals, played on the playground, and ate yummy apple treats like donuts, icecream, pie, cookies, and slushies. It was a beautiful and fun day! IMG_3826IMG_3827IMG_3828IMG_3834IMG_3830IMG_3831IMG_3835IMG_3839IMG_3843IMG_3844IMG_3845IMG_3846IMG_3847IMG_3853IMG_3855IMG_3856IMG_3859IMG_3861IMG_3862IMG_3863IMG_3868IMG_9038IMG_9043This past weekend we celebrated Devin’s Granny’s birthday and my mom’s birthday! It was a fun day full of family time. 🙂IMG_3962IMG_3965IMG_3967IMG_3970IMG_3971IMG_3980Devin and I had a lunch date at the fair. It was supposed to be a secret, but the kids found out. Oops! 😉 It was so much fun! If you go from 11:30-2, you pay the $10 to get in but you get it back if you’re out by 2pm. Pretty neat!IMG_3893IMG_3895I sure do love family time!

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