Easter 2017

IMG_1246IMG_1249IMG_1250IMG_1251IMG_1252IMG_1253IMG_1255IMG_1259We enjoyed reading our Bible stories each day the week of Easter leading up to Easter Sunday. Church was wonderful Sunday morning!

Some other fun things we did over Easter weekend included a playdate with some the Broadwells, Leviners, and Whittingtons,IMG_1171IMG_1172

IMG_1190 lunch at Granny and Papa’s with the Brazells, Pa, Meme, and Papa,


and lunch at Nana and Grandpa’s with the Bonesteels and Boyds. IMG_1261IMG_1262IMG_1264IMG_1265

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Spring Break 2017

We’ve had a wonderful spring break so far! Well, Friday night didn’t give us a good start to spring break. AC woke up in the middle of the night and threw up. 😦 She threw up 3 more times by 10:30am. After that she didn’t throw up again and no one else got sick! Whew! So, on Saturday we had plans to go watch SA and Carson play soccer, but AC and I stayed home and the boys went. After soccer, Charlie came home for a bit then headed to Reece’s birthday party. Devin went to play golf. AC and I stayed home all day to let her rest and recover. IMG_1099IMG_1102IMG_1101IMG_1155Sunday was better so we headed to church. She was still tired after church so the boys went to lunch with the Broadwells and the girls headed home for a nap. After nap, we went to Lowes to get all of the seeds for our garden and tomato plants. Then we came home, watch the Masters, and had breakfast for supper. IMG_1103IMG_1106FullSizeRender 4Monday morning we got up bright and early and headed to Patrick, SC to visit PawPaw and Grandma. We had a wonderful day full of kayaking, a late lunch, horseback riding, dirt bike riding, golf cart exploring(the dog even joined us!), and more. It was so much fun! IMG_1113IMG_1114IMG_1115IMG_1117IMG_1118IMG_1119IMG_1120IMG_1121IMG_1122IMG_1123IMG_1124IMG_1126IMG_1127IMG_1128IMG_1130IMG_1131IMG_1132IMG_1133Tuesday morning AC and I baked some goodies to take to our friends at Oakleaf while Charlie did a little plotting to get daddy back after his April Fool’s joke. 🙂 That afternoon we went to Oakleaf to visit the residents, read the Easter story, sing some songs, and eat some goodies. Afterwards we went home, ate supper on the back porch, and pulled weeds and prepped our garden! IMG_1134IMG_1137IMG_1138IMG_1140Wednesday we started the day by visiting Pa. They played checkers, colored, set up obstacle courses, ate ice cream sandwiches, and played outside on the pogo stick. After that, we headed downtown Columbia to Finlay park with Aunt Caity, Parker, Grayson, and their friend Natalie for a picnic lunch. The kids had fun running around play with the soccer ball, football, and sidewalk chalk.  That evening, I had a great dinner out with some friends while Daddy and the kids grabbed dinner and played putt-putt. IMG_1141IMG_1142IMG_1146IMG_1147FullSizeRender 2FullSizeRender 3IMG_1149IMG_1150IMG_1154IMG_1156Thursday morning Aunt Melanie picked up the kiddos and took them to a park they haven’t been to before downtown near her apartment. They had a lot of fun. I met them for lunch at Meme and Big Papa’s house. They love playing outside, gathering the chicken’s eggs, feeding the fish, and now that the garden is planted, they like to inspect to see what’s popping up. They even found a squirrel skull that meme helped them clean! Ha ha! Thursday evening we planted our flowers and even found a little snake while daddy was cutting the grass! IMG_1159IMG_1161IMG_1166IMG_1168This spring break has been more of a staycation for us…and we have thoroughly enjoyed it! Now we’re in full Easter mode celebrating our Savior!

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Ready for Rest

S p R i N g   B r E a K  is here!!! We are so excited about this much needed break. And since AC’s gym is moving, we seriously have no obligations…no school, no gymnastics, no football…it will be glorious!

Here are some pictures they had taken at school as well as their class picture. 🙂 Love love love!IMG_1085IMG_1086IMG_1095

They had their school skate night last night and had so much fun! There were 174 kids there! (We were the first there since I’m PTA president and had to be there a few minutes early to make sure all was well…that’s why no other kids are on the floor with them  yet! Ha!)IMG_1091IMG_1093

And here are some pictures of my favorite boys after football. Y’all, I know I’m his momma so I’m totally partial, but this kid is good. He’s playing quarterback and doing a wonderful job. His first game, first play of the game, other team had the ball, he pulled the kid’s flag. Second play of the game he caught an interception and ran for a touchdown! Their team is 3-0. And to top it off, he is such a great teammate. He is so encouraging and I love to see that! Can’t wait to see him play more this season! IMG_1008IMG_1009

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In the summer of 2013 Anna Claire and her friend Sarah Ann took a few gymnastics classes at a gym in our town. AC really enjoyed it. That gym closed that fall. In May of 2014 when AC finished 4 year old preschool, she started taking a gymnastics class one day a week. She really enjoyed it so she continued through kindergarten. In first grade she was on the pre-team. This year in second grade she has competed level 2. Gymnastics has been so wonderful for Anna Claire. I can not begin to say all the wonderful things about gymnastics, but here are a few…1. These girls are strong! (I mean have you ever pulled yourself up a rope without using your legs? Or flipped yourself over a bar? Can you do a handstand?) 2. They have a good work ethic. (They practice many days/hours a week. And honestly they don’t really complain about all the conditioning. It’s crazy! {there is one thing…splits on the panel mat…that makes AC cry. 😉 }) 3. They are disciplined…(gymnastics can be dangerous if you don’t take it seriously and listen to your coaches). 4. It is rewarding! To see these girls work hard and successfully meet a goal is so exciting! 5. Friendships. While these girls compete individually in each event, they work together as a team. They encourage each other and celebrate victories with each other. It is such a joy to watch them!

Here are some pictures from AC’s state meet last Friday. She had her personal best scores: 9.075 floor, 9.025 vault-7th place, 9.5 bars-2nd place, 8.675 beam, and 8th all around.

Warm up:123Floor:546Vault:7Bars: {Anna Claire fell twice on bars during warm-up. We were all praying in the stands that she would do well when it was time to compete. I love this first picture of her coach talking with her. She got to bars and nailed it! We were overjoyed!}89Beam:1011Love this group! Thankful for Coach Anna Claire, Coach Veronica, and Coach Kristen. 🙂 12Dinner at CiCi’s after the meet.IMG_1033Way to go EMPIRE!!

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Family Matters

It’s a rare condition, this day and age,
to read any good news on the newspaper page.
Love and tradition of the grand design,
some people say it’s even harder to find.
Well then there must be some magic clue inside these gentle walls
Cause all I see is a tower of dreams
real love burstin’ out of every seam.
As days go by,
we’re gonna fill our house with happiness.
The moon may cry,
we’re gonna smother the blues with tenderness.
When days go by,
there’s room for you,
room for me,
for gentle hearts an opportunity.
As days go by,
it’s the bigger love of the family.IMG_1018IMG_1019IMG_1017
Anyone else watch Family Matters as a kid? Devin and I did. Y’all, it really is a great show! We are starting at season 1 episode 1 and watching them with the kids. (the lyrics to the opening song are above)

Recently we’ve had some fun! Charlie got to go to see the Harlem Globetrotters with Grandpa. They had a great time!!IMG_1040IMG_1080We have enjoyed our small group at church so much. Sunday we had lunch and spent the afternoon at the river.IMG_1067IMG_1066IMG_1065Oh my! For April Fools day last year Devin tricked the kids that their teacher called right before bed and said they were bad and didn’t finish their work so they had to get in the car in their pajamas and go to school to finish. As Devin was backing out of the driveway he told them it was a joke. Well, this year he made up this special bird the “giant blue-tailed falcon hawk.” He typed up a fake news article and told the kids it was migrating through SC on April 1. It was as big as a car and liked to eat orange honey bread. I called his phone and he pretended it was our neighbor saying they spotted one. So the kids made the special orange honey bread and ran outside. Devin is on the other side of the fence scratching and hitting it yelling that he had one by the neck. The kid flipped out!! Here are some pictures of the process. AC cried at the end when she found out it was a joke, but she quickly started laughing!IMG_1060IMG_1061IMG_1062We celebrated our sweet Parker’s 5th birthday.IMG_1054IMG_1052IMG_1049IMG_1048IMG_1047We picked our first batch of strawberries. Daddy went with us this year! We’ll be back next week for more!IMG_1046IMG_1041IMG_1045IMG_1044IMG_1043IMG_1042April is off to a great start! (well…minus the tornado watch and thunderstorms we’ve had today!) 😉

And just for my record…the snow cone picture above was taken after Anna Claire and Charlie’s 8 year old well visit. They are perfectly wonderful! 🙂 He is 53″ (86%) for height and 61 pounds (67%) for weight. She is 50.5″ (52%) for height and 57 pounds (50%) for weight.

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