*Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!*

Our family had a wonderful Christmas and New Year. We are so thankful and blessed. I have sorted through our pictures and have narrowed it down to a little over 300 I want to post to the blog. Ha! So lots of pictures are coming soon! 🙂 Welcome to 2019!img_0608 (1)

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Happy Thanksgiving! ~2018~

We enjoyed a fun Thanksgiving day with the Hensons. The kids helped me cook…homemade macaroni and cheese, deviled eggs, brownies, and cranberry sauce were our contribution. We watched the Macy’s parade while cooking. Parker and Grayson made placemats for the kids. The boys played football. The girls colored. It was a super fun day with family!IMG_8084IMG_8098IMG_8097IMG_8089IMG_8110IMG_8113

“Give thanks to the LORD, for he is good; his love endures forever.” Psalm 107:1

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Run Hard and some more fun!

Anna Claire and Charlie participated in Run Hard at their school during the first 9 weeks of the semester. Last weekend they ran their 5k. I was so proud of them!! We went to the orthopedist for AC the week before because of a knee problem so I was worried we would have to walk a lot of it but she ran the entire thing! Charlie finished it in 29minutes and 15 seconds! woo hoo!! Momma and Daddy survived too. 😉 IMG_7691IMG_7718 2IMG_7719 2IMG_7698IMG_0083 3IMG_7844 2IMG_7717 2After the game AC went to spend the day with Marley playing at her house and going to Wingard’s Nursery to do the maze. Devin, Charlie, and I headed to the fields for his last game of the season which was another awesome win! IMG_7732 2That evening we got together with 6 neighbor families for dinner to celebrate on of our neighbors being home from deployment! So thankful for his service. IMG_7736Sunday morning before church Devin and AC worked on her logo for her baked goods she will be selling at a holiday show. 🙂 IMG_7745That afternoon after church we went to the Veteran’s Day Parade.IMG_7747IMG_7845 2Tuesday the kids were out of school for election day. We went to vote then picked up a couple of their friends for a day at the park, lunch at Groucho’s, then to see the new Nutcracker movie. It was a fun day off with friends we don’t see as often as we’d like to!IMG_7780IMG_7803 2IMG_7804IMG_7819

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Happy Halloween! ~2018~

Our Harry Potter and Hermione had a fun time this Halloween at their school fall festival, our church’s trunk or treat, and trick or treating with family!

Carving pumpkins:IMG_7603IMG_7602IMG_7606IMG_7652School fall festival: (Charlie helped me paint the voting box…check out all the candy{that’s not even all of it!}, Devin helped with the food donation and voting table, AC setup the photo booth, and so many families came and had fun with the food trucks, inflatables, dancing, and trunk or treat! We love our school!)IMG_7330IMG_7338

IMG_7393IMG_7394IMG_7397IMG_0021IMG_7417Our church had a great trunk or treat and we had fun decorating our trunk and then grabbing dinner with our friends afterwards. 🙂 IMG_7547We love going to visit Pa, Meme & Papa on halloween and trick-or-treating at their houses!IMG_7612IMG_7616And then we love having our family over for dinner each year and then letting the cousins trick or treat together! IMG_7618Devin and I were muggles and the kids were wizards. 🙂 IMG_7627Sweet sisters matching in their yellow and black!IMG_7629IMG_7622IMG_7636IMG_7647IMG_7637IMG_7624IMG_7648IMG_7657My Florida babies!IMG_7655A little more fun from the last couple weeks…we had so much fun doing the Columbia Food with Cortney, Jeffrey, Momma, and Daddy! The 6 restaurants we visited were great and we definitely plan to go back to them. 🙂 IMG_7541IMG_7540The kids had a fun afternoon with Aunt Mel! They sure do love spending time with her!IMG_7544We had a super fun evening at Clinton Sease farm with the Broadwells!IMG_7546Aunt Melanie’s band did a great job at their first concert of the year!IMG_2146 2IMG_2143 2Red ribbon week was fun! Here are pictures from Luau day, twin day, and pajama day. They also had team day where the kids wore gamecock attire and then career day where Charlie dressed as a football player in his panther jersey and AC dressed as a chef with her apron…but I didn’t get pictures those days because well…life gets busy! 😉 IMG_7326IMG_726820181022_120748 2IMG_7281

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Celebrating Owen!

Cousin #6 is on the way! Anna Claire and Charlie have 3 cousins on my side of the family and 2 on Devin’s. Once Owen makes is debut there will be 3 on each side. Caity and I had fun planning and hosting a shower for Spencer and Brandon the other weekend. IMG_7034IMG_7051IMG_7041IMG_7036IMG_7040IMG_7039IMG_7038IMG_7037IMG_7057IMG_7066IMG_7064IMG_7067IMG_7069IMG_7028IMG_7029And this past weekend Mrs. Amy hosted a shower for them in Charlotte. It was great to see some family we don’t see often.IMG_7188IMG_7189IMG_7190IMG_7192IMG_7193IMG_7197IMG_7203IMG_7208IMG_7187IMG_7191IMG_7204IMG_7194IMG_7210

Also while we were up there we celebrated Devin’s Granny’s birthday!IMG_7223IMG_7220IMG_7214IMG_7213And here’s a few more pictures…first are a couple more from football this season! 2 weeks left! IMG_6978IMG_6980And then Sunday we went to dinner with my mom, dad, and pa to celebrate my mom’s birthday. 🙂 IMG_7251IMG_7247IMG_7242Oh, and we got our flu shots! 😉  IMG_7238

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