TBT 2014

I can not believe these precious little ones are finishing second grade next week! FullSizeRenderIMG_1613IMG_1614Love them!!!

And I can’t believe it has been 4 years since Roscoe died. 😦 IMG_1675

And a few new things…Tuesday they had Kid’s Choice Awards in their class. The kids were the announcers and it was so cute! Charlie got the “most athletic” award and AC got the “love of learning” award. IMG_1655IMG_1665IMG_1657IMG_1661IMG_1660IMG_1670Wednesday was career day. Aunt Spencer came and talked about music therapy. The kids were so happy to have her!IMG_1679IMG_1677IMG_1678

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Field Day, Football, and Fun with Friends

The kids had a great time at field day this year…car wash water relay, dizzy bat, big shirt relay, home run derby, noodle tag, hoola hoop obstacle, pizza delivery race, basketball competition, back to back ball squeeze, tug of war, dance party, and popsicles! So fun!FullSizeRender 8FullSizeRender 9IMG_1603IMG_1604IMG_1605IMG_1606IMG_1607 Charlie’s football team made it to the second round of playoffs on Thursday. They came up 6 points short of making it to the final championship, but Charlie did a great job! IMG_1611Friday night we went out to dinner with my Pa, mom, dad, Uncle Randy, and Aunt Eva to celebrate Pa’s 81st birthday. We had a wonderful time celebrating with him! 🙂 IMG_1628Afterwards, since we were downtown in the Vista, Devin and I walked with the kids to Kaminsky’s. AC, our little sweet tooth, was in heaven! {speaking of sweet tooth…this child has lost 2 teeth in 3 days!} It’s so neat to walk around with them because they took it all in…stopping to listen to people on the street playing music, watching people, etc.IMG_1630Saturday morning we went to watch sweet Carson play tee-ball. 🙂 Charlie was so proud of him!IMG_8162After that we headed to Harbison to get new shoes and eat lunch at the mall. That afternoon and evening we watched some of Anna Claire’s friends in their dance recital and ballet. It was so good! 🙂 IMG_1636IMG_1639IMG_1642Sunday, has been a great day…church then a day at home. Glorious! Now on to the last full week of second grade…bittersweet.IMG_1651

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May Fun

One Saturday night, AC asked me to text Mrs. Cortney before bed so that she and SA could plan to match at church. 😉 I love their friendship!IMG_1485And we can’t leave out the boys! 😉 IMG_1484We had a great time at Literacy Night at their school!!IMG_1434IMG_1436IMG_1437IMG_1438IMG_1439May 5 was 5 years since Ma passed away. The kids picked out these flowers to put on her grave.IMG_1443AC has once again tagged along to all of Charlie’s games this season. One day she will hopefully enjoy and understand the game, but for now, she plays with other girls, colors, reads, does gymnastics, and eats snacks on the sidelines.IMG_1450I’m so proud of my boy! They made it to the second round of the playoffs and we play that game tonight!

IMG_1570FullSizeRender 6Look at my cute man running with me before church the other week! 😉 IMG_1460Speaking of church…We are busting at the seams! Praise the Lord for what he is doing in Lexington. This right here is a picture of over FIFTY 3 and 4 year olds!IMG_1461Anna Claire and Charlie earned a limo ride to lunch at Chick-fil-A. They had a blast!!IMG_1574IMG_1576C is doing his rookie dribblers again. And I can’t say enough good things about this program! Not only is he learning so much, they pray at the end of practice and are so encouraging. I love it!IMG_1487We love our time with our senior adult friends. 🙂 IMG_1492When AC is at gymnastics, I get some special time with this cutie!IMG_1499Let’s see what other fun we will have in May 2017…

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Mommy’s Week

This past week has been so fun! We celebrated my birthday and Mother’s Day. We started last Sunday by having our family over for dinner. We had a great time! IMG_1465IMG_1466IMG_1467IMG_1469IMG_1470IMG_1474IMG_1482Wednesday was my actual birthday. I started the day with a 3.33 mile run on my 33rd birthday. 😉 FullSizeRender 7We had dinner at my parents’ house. I love this crazy crew! IMG_1512IMG_1513Thursday started off with Muffins for Moms at the kids’ school. IMG_1511That night, Rebekah, Melanie, Daddy, and I took Momma out to dinner for Mother’s Day at Al’s Upstairs. While we did that, Devin took the kids to dinner then to play at the river. IMG_1518IMG_8141Friday, the kids spent the night with their cousin’s at granny and papa’s house while Devin and I went to dinner with Spencer and Brandon. Y’all, we played this new game…well, new to us. It’s called Code Names. I need to get it so I can practice. 😉 Really though, it’s a lot of fun.IMG_1525 Saturday morning we went to Charlie’s football game then some of my sweet friends and I went out for ice cream and pedicures!IMG_1520IMG_1522IMG_1532IMG_1533That night Devin and the kids took me out for dinner! We sure do love Japanese food. IMG_1526IMG_1527IMG_1530During the middle of the night, AC wasn’t feeling well. We had all planned to go to church together on Mother’s Day, but Devin and Charlie went while I took Anna Claire to the doctor. I’m so glad that she is much much better now! She did brush her hair and come outside with Charlie and me to take a picture on Mother’s Day. 🙂 (you’d never be able to tell she had a temp of 103.8!) And her sweet granny and papa brought her a get well balloon and some cranberry juice. We also went to eat lunch with the Hensons which was super yummy but had to get our girl back home so I didn’t get any pictures!IMG_1557IMG_1537IMG_1542IMG_1547Being their Mommy brings me SO much joy and I truly treasure my time with them!!IMG_8146IMG_1561IMG_1565

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Short camping trip

Friday night we had a fun movie night at the kids’ school.IMG_1408

Saturday morning I headed downtown to work with some pretty great teachers from rural SC while Devin and the kids headed to Waffle house and then to Dreher Island. I met them out there after lunch and we camped overnight. We enjoyed time with family, fishing, playing on the playgrounds, riding bikes, cooking over they fire, exploring, and relaxing in the eno. Photo Apr 29, 9 46 10 AMPhoto Apr 29, 10 10 48 AMPhoto Apr 29, 1 39 38 PMPhoto Apr 29, 1 40 18 PMIMG_1409IMG_1410IMG_1411IMG_1412IMG_1413IMG_1414Photo Apr 29, 4 02 18 PMIMG_1415IMG_1416IMG_1417IMG_1418IMG_1419Photo Apr 30, 9 48 04 AMPhoto Apr 30, 8 55 01 AMPhoto Apr 30, 8 53 20 AMTuesday was teacher appreciation day. Thanks to Aunt Melanie for helping me with duty-free lunch so our wonderful teachers at OGE could enjoy a lunch the PTA provided for them. IMG_1424IMG_1425IMG_1426AC lost another tooth 🙂 IMG_1427And here’s a cute picture of the kiddos this morning for hat day. Charlie is also wearing his Star Wars shirt for May 4th…Star Wars day. 🙂 IMG_1431

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