Christmas with Family

Blessed. I say this every year, but we are so fortunate to have so much family so close. We started our celebrations with the Winn Christmas get together at Aunt Susan’s house. I love this first picture of Meme and Big Papa.IMG_074420171217_16363320171217_16372220171217_16373120171217_16420220171217_16540620171217_16545920171217_170542IMG_0749The next get together was with the Bradleys. It was a nice day and the kids had fun playing outside even though they got dirty in the red clay! And I love that my Momma is keeping up Ma’s tradition of breakfast for Christmas. IMG_0866IMG_0867IMG_0868IMG_0871IMG_0873IMG_0876IMG_0889IMG_0891IMG_0896That evening we headed to Nana and Grandpa’s house to get together with the Bonesteels, Boyds, Granny, Hoss, and Aunt Cindy. We ate dinner and did some fun gift swap games. 🙂 IMG_0906IMG_0907IMG_0908The next morning we headed back over there for breakfast(ahh…grits casserole!) and to exchange games. Such a fun morning!! IMG_0911IMG_0912IMG_0913IMG_0914IMG_0916IMG_0917IMG_0918IMG_0919IMG_0920IMG_0922IMG_0924IMG_0925IMG_0926IMG_0928That evening we headed to church and then to dinner at the Winn’s house. Such a special evening. I looked down the pew that night and saw my momma and daddy, my 3 living grandparents, my sisters, Justin, my kids, Devin, and my niece and nephews on the Winn side. So wonderful being together celebrating Jesus’s birth! IMG_1097IMG_0931IMG_0930IMG_0932IMG_0935IMG_0939IMG_0948IMG_0957IMG_0961IMG_1099 2IMG_9534That night we put out our milk and cookies and headed to bed. IMG_0959IMG_0962IMG_0963IMG_0964IMG_0902The next morning we had so much fun opening gifts. IMG_9546IMG_9547IMG_9548IMG_9552IMG_9554IMG_9559IMG_0965IMG_0967IMG_0969IMG_0970IMG_0988IMG_0989One of their gifts was a plane ride. They had never flown before, so not only did they get to fly, Uncle Justin was their pilot! It was such a fun and special day. IMG_0994IMG_0995IMG_0998IMG_1002IMG_1001IMG_1003IMG_1004IMG_1005IMG_1014IMG_1020Afterwards we had dinner at granny and papa’s and exchanged a few more gifts. IMG_1034IMG_1038IMG_1040 2That Saturday, Devin and the kids headed out to the country to pawpaw and grandma’s. It was a nice day and they had lots of fun with family we don’t get to see as often as we’d like to. Devin’s uncle from Alaska and his cousin even came in to surprise the family! IMG_1075 2IMG_1072IMG_1073IMG_1074We had such a wonderful Christmas!

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Deck the Halls!

The weekend after Thanksgiving we headed to the Christmas tree farm and got our tree.IMG_9310IMG_9311IMG_9312IMG_9317 The kids were actually really good helpers decorating this year. I’m pretty sure I only put a few ornaments on the tree (and honestly I didn’t move them around after they went to bed either!) IMG_0344IMG_0345IMG_0343IMG_0350Other fun things we have done so far this holiday season are: Going to see The Star (it is such a wonderful movie and was a great start to the season for us – reminding us of the true meaning of Christmas.) IMG_0429We went to the Lexington Christmas parade. IMG_0446IMG_0447IMG_0455IMG_0458IMG_0463IMG_0468We went with the Broadwells to Little Bethlehem. It was our first time and was a wonderful experience. IMG_0469IMG_0470IMG_0471IMG_0472IMG_0473IMG_0475IMG_0476IMG_0479IMG_0480We picked up daddy at the airport after a trip and headed to see the lights at Saluda Shoals! It wasn’t crowded at all! The kids roasted marshmallows, drank hot chocolate, listened to handbell players, made an ornament, and even tubed down the hill. The lights were so pretty! IMG_0503IMG_0508IMG_0509IMG_0513IMG_0519IMG_0520IMG_0522IMG_0523IMG_0524IMG_0525IMG_0526IMG_0531IMG_0534IMG_0539Our elves, John and Mary, have been having some fun too. 🙂 IMG_0379IMG_0425IMG_0440IMG_0482IMG_0499IMG_0501IMG_0502IMG_0544IMG_0559IMG_0566IMG_0567IMG_0585IMG_0648IMG_0669IMG_0684IMG_0691IMG_0692IMG_0699IMG_0700IMG_0704IMG_0705IMG_0706We are having a great December so far!

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I sure do love this man of mine! IMG_0675And these precious little ones are treasures. IMG_0671They are growing up so quickly. I am thankful for every day with them. IMG_0678IMG_0677I love our little family and am so thankful for them! IMG_0676The kids had student led conferences last week. They are working hard at school and I am very proud of them. IMG_0545IMG_0548IMG_0546IMG_0547IMG_0549I think the cold is here to stay, but here are a couple pictures of some outside fun they had while it was still not too cold. I love Sunday afternoons when the neighborhood kids are out playing! IMG_0445IMG_0435Parker and Grayson spent the afternoon with us one day. We had fun eating Sonic slushies(thanks Aunt Caity), watching Trolls Holiday, playing at McDonalds, jumping on the pogo stick, trampoline, and coloring with chalk. Oh yeah, and playing chase! I’m pretty sure I ran close to a mile and they didn’t even seem out of breath! Ha! IMG_0670We are redoing the kids’ rooms. We are in the process of working on AC’s. She was a big helper cleaning it out!IMG_0660 Daddy, Charlie, and Grandpa had fun at the Star Wars themed USC Men’s basketball game last Saturday. IMG_0649We are having a wonderful month! I’ll be posting fun holiday things we’ve been doing soon.

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It is so exciting to see your child find something extracurricular that they love! AC danced for a while and she really liked it. Then she did dance and gymnastics. When it came time to increase the number of days she practiced each, she had to choose one. While she liked dance, she loved gymnastics. Charlie has played t-ball, soccer, basketball, football, and golf. He was pretty good at hitting the ball, but it just wasn’t his favorite sport. He LOVES playing soccer every day at recess. The first thing he tells me about EVERY day when he gets in the car is how his soccer game was. 🙂 However, the 3 sports he has really focused on are football, basketball(his daddy’s favorite), and golf.

We are so proud of Anna Claire for hard work with gymnastics and how much she has improved this meet season. Here are some pictures from the November meet and the State meet in December.

Turkey Flip Fest:IMG_9255IMG_9265IMG_9267IMG_9270IMG_9274IMG_9278IMG_0230SC State Meet:IMG_0382IMG_0411IMG_0412IMG_0413IMG_0414IMG_0415IMG_0416IMG_0417IMG_0418IMG_0419IMG_0420IMG_0421IMG_0422IMG_0423IMG_0424IMG_0402IMG_0406IMG_0409IMG_0410IMG_0553

Charlie’s basketball season has started. His daddy is his coach. 🙂 I sure do love my boys! They won their first two games! I can’t wait to watch and cheer for the Mustangs the rest of this season. IMG_0426IMG_0428IMG_0628IMG_0630IMG_0631IMG_0637Charlie is also playing golf. He is in a Winter golf league. He had his first practice today. I am so impressed with him! He must take after his momma. 😉 just kidding! This first picture is a side-by-side comparison from several years ago and then last week. IMG_0558IMG_0664IMG_0665IMG_0661 2

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The rest of November

We had a wonderful November. Here are some of the fun things we did:

Enjoyed the beautiful weather with lots of time outside!IMG_0082IMG_0083IMG_0373IMG_0372IMG_0374 Birthday celebrations for PC, SA, and J!IMG_0139 2IMG_0145 IMG_0137Fun with friends after school at CFA and Nathan’s house!IMG_0077IMG_0144IMG_0158 Fishing with grandpa and apple turkeys with NanaIMG_0107IMG_0108 Baking for her classmates to have a sweet treat one Friday.IMG_0095Veterans Day parade with Aunt Mel, Aunt Spencer, Uncle Brandon, and friends from Oakleaf.IMG_0124IMG_0125IMG_0129Playing at home – even though they are 8, they still have great imaginations! IMG_0165IMG_0166IMG_0141Mommy and Cortney ran our first half marathon! IMG_0183IMG_0175IMG_0177My interns have done a great job with their student teaching this semester. IMG_0161IMG_0196IMG_0203Cute Daddy while he’s golfingIMG_0185 Fun stuff at OGES…copying for 3rd grade classes, lunch with my kiddos, fundraiser delivery, teacher appreciation lunch, magic show treat before thanksgiving given by the PTA, and a fun day in the lab.IMG_0162IMG_0198IMG_0208IMG_0215IMG_0216IMG_0217IMG_0240IMG_0354IMG_0355 Visiting Daddy’s work is fun!IMG_0209IMG_0210IMG_0211IMG_0214Family time (y’all! Monopoly is no joke!) IMG_0238sweet morning snuggles…IMG_0327We had a fun sleepover with J. 🙂 IMG_0358IMG_0361IMG_0363IMG_0365IMG_0366IMG_0368IMG_0369IMG_0378November 2017 was wonderful! We are now enjoying December! So many blessings!

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