Meet Season

Gymnastics meet season is upon us. We headed to the Judges Cup on Saturday. AC had a great meet and had a lot of fun! Thanks to Nana, Grandpa, Granny, and Papa for joining us! I’m so proud of our strong girl!IMG_3537IMG_3538IMG_3539IMG_3540IMG_3513

A couple other things from this past week…Skate Night and Dot day at school. (Charlie didn’t like the dot socks we had laid out for him so that morning before school I painted dots on his shirt and dried it with the hair dryer! The things we do for our kids! πŸ™‚ ) IMG_3465IMG_3468IMG_3471IMG_3472IMG_3480I love having lunch with them at school. IMG_3488Here are some pictures from an escape room challenge they did at school. πŸ™‚

And now we’re into football season! Charlie has had 2 practices and we are ready for his first game Saturday.FullSizeRender 42

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8 and a half & Irma

Last week we began preparations for Hurricane Irma. Thankfully it took a turn and we just received some rain, winds, and lost power a couple hours. We are definitely praying for those who were impacted the most!

Last Thursday, AC and Charlie turned 8 and a half! Can’t believe it! IMG_3403Friday morning Nana, Granny, and Papa joined them at school for a grandparents breakfast. IMG_3405IMG_3406Saturday Granny, Papa, and Aunt Mel whisked the kids away for a fun day at the museum, a new restaurant downtown, and some shopping. They had a blast! IMG_3425IMG_3426IMG_3427IMG_3428IMG_3429Sunday we went to church and then celebrated Aunt Spencer’s birthday. IMG_3433IMG_3435IMG_3441Here are the canvases we painted with Anna Claire, Charlie, and their cousins for their grandparents.

We spent Sunday afternoon outside since we knew we’d be inside Monday! IMG_3444IMG_3447IMG_3448Monday morning Charlie and Devin headed to a two hour indoor football practice while AC and I went to see Leap with some friends and then to the gym for her to practice for her upcoming meet. IMG_3456Our outdoor cat was happy we had a screen porch during the hurricane. IMG_3451Tuesday we had a two hour delay from school which was wonderful! After school we headed to Oakleaf to sing and have devotionals with the residents. We brought cupcakes since it was Aunt Spencer’s birthday and it was crazy sock day there so we had to participate! IMG_3452IMG_3454IMG_3455Last but not least, here are a couple other random things from the past couple weeks…J came to hang out with us one evening and we had so much fun! IMG_3294IMG_3297We’ve had some cool mornings that have required jackets…but we’re hanging on to these warmer days as long as we can! IMG_3299Check out these little gamecocks over the years! IMG_3307Their school had a spirit night at Chick-fil-A which turned out great! IMG_3311IMG_3316That’s all for now! We sure do love our little third graders!IMG_3288IMG_3289IMG_3291

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Labor Day Weekend

We had a wonderful Labor Day weekend! Friday after school we headed over to Granny and Papa’s house to visit with the Brazells who were in town. The kids had a great time playing! IMG_3332Saturday morning we headed to the soccer fields to watch the Broadwell kiddos. πŸ™‚ IMG_3334IMG_3335IMG_3338After the game, AC had a fun playdate with friends from school. They painted rocks to hide, ate pizza, and had a great time playing together. IMG_3375IMG_3374While she was away, Devin, Charlie, and I had our own little football party with boiled peanuts, chips and salsa, and naps for the boys! Haha! (that was during the Clemson game….they were wide awake for the Gamecock game!) IMG_3347IMG_3348IMG_3350IMG_3340Go Gamecocks!!IMG_3344After that we headed to Uncle Randy’s 60th birthday party. We had a wonderful time with the Bradley side of the family. πŸ™‚ IMG_3353IMG_3363IMG_3364IMG_3352IMG_3373IMG_3369Sunday was a beautiful day! After church and lunch with the Broadwells, Devin went with some friends to play golf, Charlie spent the afternoon swimming and playing with Bryson(**quick funny side story…while C was at their house, I got a phone call, he said, “Momma, have I told you you’re the best mom in the world?” He wanted to stay and eat supper so I guess he was buttering me up!), and AC hung out at home with me and painted, played, and watched a new movie. That night Charlie got to stay up late and draft his team for Fantasy Football. Oh he was so excited!! IMG_3376IMG_3377IMG_3378Monday the Brazells stopped by to tell us bye before they headed home. After that we went to Nana and Grandpa’s house to cookout. πŸ™‚ The food was yummy and the kids had fun playing badminton outside with Grandpa! That night when we got home, we got to enjoy our new screen porch!! Yay! IMG_3395IMG_3386IMG_3387IMG_3389IMG_3390IMG_3391FullSizeRender 41IMG_3394It was a great, long weekend.

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Ambliance and Hickory Dickory Tavern

When Anna Claire and Charlie were little, they said some cute things. As they have gotten older, they pronounce words correctly for the most part, but in the past couple days they have both said something that made us chuckle. I guess Charlie doesn’t have many chances to say the word ‘ambulance’ but he did today. However he said, “momma, there’s an ambliance.” It’s just so cute! πŸ™‚ {I did kindly correct him though. We’ll see if he says it correctly next time.} On Saturday, Devin was meeting a new employee for dinner. AC said, “momma, are they going to Hickory Dickory Dock, I mean Tavern?” Haha! She was meaning Hickory Tavern in the Vista. It was so funny! Oh I love these sweet kiddos!

They’ve made it through their first 5 days of third grade! Day 2 IMG_3220IMG_3221Day 3 IMG_3225IMG_3226*Mommy and Daddy had a lunch date while they were at school. πŸ˜‰Β IMG_3228Fun after school!IMG_3231IMG_3232Day 4 IMG_3235PTA bought 700+ cupcakes as a welcome back treat on Friday.IMG_3238Day 5(Silly Charlie was covering the face of AC’s stuffed animal! That boy!)IMG_3271Mommy had lunch with these funny kids today!FullSizeRender 39Fun with Nathan after school while AC was at gymnastics practice.IMG_3277A few things from last weekend…C had football evaluations…IMG_3283My super guy finished the deck! Screen porch going up later this week!!IMG_3242 2IMG_3245 2I caved and we made slime!IMG_3267One of Devin’s work study students invited us to her church Sunday. Her dad is the pastor. It is a small church and the majority of the congregation is African American. The music was great, everyone was SO friendly, and we all gathered in the fellowship hall after church like they do every week for lunch…fried chicken, macaroni and cheese, green beans, watermelon, salad, and lots of yummy desserts. I’m so impressed with the boldness of this college student inviting her boss to her church’s friends and family day. πŸ™‚ …and the pastor preached on the same thing our pastor preached on the week before! Luke 10:27 – “He answered, ‘Love the Lord your God with all your heart and with all your soul and with all your strength and with all your mind’;Β and, β€˜Love your neighbor as yourself.'”
FullSizeRender 40Devin had one more thing to fix on the deck, and my parents happened to stop by just at the right time for my dad to assist. πŸ™‚Β IMG_3281Sunday evening after dinner the Broadwells came down for the kids to play a bit. It was a nice ending to our weekend. πŸ™‚Β IMG_3270

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Third Grade

Anna Claire and Charlie woke up with ease this morning at 6:45. They got dressed, ate breakfast (those are the same balloons I’ve put on the table for the first day of school since kindergarten πŸ™‚ ), brushed their teeth, fixed their hair, took pictures, and we headed to school! It was great to see everyone this morning. We are all looking forward to a great year with Ms. Thanasiu! IMG_3198IMG_3199IMG_3201IMG_3200IMG_3202IMG_3204IMG_3205IMG_3209IMG_3206After school they were so excited to tell me all about their fun day…the two truths and a fib game to get to know their classmates, who sits at their tables, what they did in PE, what they did at recess, and that I had homework to fill out all their info papers. πŸ™‚ When they got home they had a snack, played legos, playdoh, cards, read books, and watched Bill Nye the Science Guy. After a yummy spaghetti dinner, we headed to Pelican SnoBalls for their school spirit night. IMG_3210IMG_3211Then came home for bath, books, and bed! I sure do love those babies.IMG_3213IMG_3216 And just for fun, here are all of their first day pictures πŸ˜‰ 2 year preschool IMG_40593 year preschoolIMG_4061

4 year preschool IMG_4062kindergarten IMG_4063first grade(they are in separate pictures because AC missed the first day of school because she was sick…poor thing!)IMG_4017IMG_4043second grade (not sure why I don’t have a picture together from this year)IMG_9062IMG_9063But to be honest, sometimes when I look at them, I still picture them like this…IMG_3114IMG_3113IMG_3111FullSizeRender 38IMG_3104IMG_3105IMG_3106IMG_3107IMG_3109IMG_3108IMG_3110Oh my sweet babies! Mommy loves you SO much!!

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