Finally caught up!

Whew! January 2009 Devin created this blog. I was pregnant with the twins at the time and he thought it would be great for us to keep updates, which really came in handy to keep friends and family updated when they were born and we spent so much time at the hospital. Well…99…NINETY NINE months later, we’re still going strong. Anyways, here’s a hodgepodge of recent pictures. Enjoy!!

Kids helping with yard work. We’re taking advantage of these days that they are willingly helping. 😉

FullSizeRender 2Date night! Y’all! You need to see Hidden Figures. It was SO good!FullSizeRender 3Walk to School Day. Mommy was out there early passing out bracelets to those who walked so Daddy walked with the kids.IMG_0893IMG_0897Singing for some visitors at school.IMG_0902Father/son golf fun with the Smith boys.IMG_0915IMG_0916Running with my bestie for a good cause.IMG_0920Charlie had his sleepover with Nana and Grandpa a couple weeks ago. He went fishing, bowling, and to a gamecock basketball game! He had a wonderful time!!IMG_0969IMG_0970IMG_0971Pawpaw and Grandma gave them these shirts from their trip to MS. And in case anyone is curious…yes we’re related to ‘that’ Jim Henson….he and paw paw are distant cousins.IMG_0968St. Patricks Day! (the one time of year mommy buys those Lucky Charms…2 boxes!) 🙂 IMG_0962Class picture day…oh I think they are just beautiful!IMG_0951Getting our brackets ready!IMG_0949Oh boy! Who would have thought the gamecocks would be the Duke blue devils???IMG_0974And then there’s that random Sunday it snowed huge snowflakes on the way to church. 🙂 IMG_0927Using birthday gift cards at Build-a-Bear.IMG_0936IMG_0934IMG_0933Playing at the park while the boys are at football practice.IMG_0957Fun sleepover at Granny and Papa’s. Dying eggs, decorating for Easter, making brownies, playing basketball, watching Trolls, playing cards…fun, fun, fun!IMG_1003IMG_1004IMG_1002IMG_1006IMG_1005And there you have it! Up next will be pictures from Charlie’s first flag football game for the spring season and AC’s state gymnastics meet! Woo hoo!

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Way back Wednesday

So today and tomorrow I am going to finally get caught up on all my blogging. 🙂 Today we’re going all the way back to New Year’s Eve! 🙂 FullSizeRenderIMG_0323IMG_0475More January fun…we saw Sing with Parker and Aunt Caity…IMG_0325Lots of fun with friends…FullSizeRender_1IMG_0344IMG_0345IMG_0758Pedicures for my girl and me…IMG_0331Sweet boy took quite a while to feel 100% after his surgery…FullSizeRenderSleepover with her BFF… 🙂 IMG_0497IMG_0499IMG_0503Playing outside even though it was cold…IMG_0459IMG_0465More resting…IMG_0526Reading in their tents…IMG_0542IMG_0543IMG_0550Movie, ice cream, and build-a-bear while daddy was at a conference…IMG_0801IMG_0794IMG_0792IMG_0791IMG_0789IMG_0787Lots of fun so far in 2017!

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My favorite season!

I love spring! Flowers blooming, birds chirping, longer days, perfect temperatures….aaahhhh! Yesterday we welcomed spring with snow cones, supper on the back porch, and fun outside. FullSizeRenderFullSizeRender_1Today we enjoyed more beautiful weather with a field trip to the zoo with the second grade. We had the most wonderful group and seriously got to see every animal at the zoo! I can’t say it enough how thankful I am for our school. IMG_0979IMG_0981IMG_0982IMG_0983IMG_0984IMG_0985IMG_0987IMG_0990IMG_0991IMG_0993IMG_0995Earlier this month we celebrated 3 more birthdays…Big Papa’s 86th birthday!! IMG_7848IMG_7849And Grandpa and Uncle Brandon’s birthdays. IMG_7881IMG_7880We had a great time celebrating these guys!

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Our little ones turned 8 years old on March 7! As we do every year, we had a great time celebrating these two wonderful kids with our friends and family. On Saturday, we headed to the skating rink for skating, putt-putt, ice cream, and cupcakes with our friends. The kids had a blast! I’m so thankful for their wonderful friends! IMG_0849IMG_0851IMG_0853IMG_7844IMG_7841IMG_7847IMG_0856IMG_0858IMG_0857IMG_0859IMG_0861On Sunday, our family came over. We ate a delicious lunch, had yummy cake(this year she asked mommy for a mermaid cake and he asked for a football cake), and spent lots of great time out side enjoying the beautiful weather! IMG_7850IMG_7852IMG_7853IMG_7854IMG_7855IMG_7860IMG_7863IMG_0868IMG_0869IMG_0873IMG_0874Monday, the day before their birthday, we took them out to dinner at Olive Garden and then to the mall for some dessert at Chocolate Monkey. IMG_0872IMG_7868IMG_0875The next day was their birthday. They woke up to balloons in their rooms…a tradition we started on their first birthday.IMG_0883 I took cupcakes to school at lunchtime IMG_0886IMG_0887and then when they came home they got to open their gifts from Mommy and Daddy.IMG_0889 I think it’s safe to say that Anna Claire and Charlie know they are loved and enjoyed celebrating 8 wonderful years of life!

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Love, love, love!

We had such a sweet Valentine’s Day. The kids had fun filling out cards for their friends.img_0735img_0736Before school…img_0739After school…img_0740The boys cooked us dinner… 🙂 img_0741img_0742The Saturday before, AC and Daddy went to the Daddy Daughter dance. We fixed her hair and painted her nails and she was so excited! They had so much fun going with Mr. Jeffrey and SA!img_0709img_0710img_0702img_0700img_0751img_0752img_0753img_0754While the girls were at the dance with the daddies, the boys and the mommies grabbed supper at Moes, dessert at Chick-fil-A, then played at the Broadwell’s house afterwards. Such a fun evening!img_0705img_0802img_0803img_0706Sunday after church, we headed to Aunt Spencer’s for a “galentines” party! She invited the girls in the family over for a sweet time!img_0711img_0712img_0713img_0717img_0718That same weekend we had another gymnastics meet. AC had a lot of fun and so many sweet friends and family came to support her…Grandpa, Aunt Spencer, Parker, Granny, Papa, Aunt Mel, Mrs. Virginia & Mae, Mrs. Cortney, Mrs. Kim, SA, Reece, Carson, and T…and of course Mommy and Daddy and Charlie! She placed on floor!img_0763img_0765img_0767img_0768img_0771img_0774img_0775img_0781img_0695img_0696And! That same weekend Charlie had a basketball tournament. They won their first game but came up 4 points short in the championship game. Here are some pictures from some games earlier in the season…img_0489img_0492img_0494img_0681img_0569Here are the boys at the championship game…img_0721img_0722img_0724img_0725img_0726And…that SAME weekend Charlie went skating to celebrate a friend from his team’s birthday!img_0750Earlier that week we took dinner to AC’s gymnastics coach who just had a new baby. He is so sweet!!img_0691img_0690We had a busy but wonderful Valentine’s week! 🙂

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