Pray for Charlie

2009_0424littleones0457About a month ago, Charlie was diagnosed with a hernia.  Since then, he has had no issues with his hernia (the intestines have not pushed through anymore).  Sunday morning, I was at the hospital when the nurse practitioner came by.  She told me that they had been discussing the fact that his hernia is so small and they were debating on whether to go ahead with the surgery or wait until he is older (after we take him home).  They asked us what we felt comfortable doing.  Hmmm…well, of course we would love for him to not have the surgery, but we don’t want to get him home and then have problems and be in pain.  Well, the nurse practitioner told me we need to be comfortable with the surgery and to think about it and let her know what we think.  She left and I sat there rocking Charlie.  I was praying that we would make the right decision.  A little while later, while I was holding Anna Claire, Charlie started crying pretty hard.  I thought that maybe he had a dirty diaper.  So, I got up and took off is diaper.  You won’t believe what I saw!  The intestines had pushed through his hernia!!!  Hello God!  Thanks for the answer that we need to do the surgery.  How cool is it that over the past month, he has not had one single issue and today, right as I was praying for an answer, we were given one.  Talk about an answered prayer.  I write all this to tell you that Charlie will be having surgery at 9:30 Monday morning.  PLEASE pray for him – that he won’t be in pain, that he will recover quickly and get off of the ventilator soon.  They will give him his last bottle at 2 a.m. and then give him an IV since he can’t eat before surgery.  Please also pray for Dr. Camps (the surgeon) and the nurses who will be with him.  Thanks so much.  We will keep you updated.2009_0424littleones0450

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  1. I am praying!! 🙂 God is sooo good!!

  2. Hi,
    It is Monday morning at 9:06, I just looked at the blog. I am praying right now and will also let some folks know at LHS. We will check with you later.
    Love you

  3. Love you and praying.

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