No More Monitors!!

For the first four months and two days of their lives, Anna Claire and Charlie have been connected to monitors.  As of last Thursday, we no longer have to wear them!!  It is so wonderful to know that we don’t have to worry anymore about apnea or brachycardia.  [Don’t you like my big vocabulary words? 🙂 ] {Apnea means you stop breathing and brachycardia means your heart slows down.}  We are so glad to move past that stage.

Other happenings:

Last Wednesday we had dinner with some friends from school.  Thanks Josh and Kathryn for inviting us over!IMG_0052







Before the babies, we could make plans on the spot.  Now that has really changed.  However, last weekend we went OUT to dinner with Jeffrey, Cortney, and Sarah Ann.  Hopefully we can do this again soon!IMG_0053







Happy 14th birthday Aunt Melanie!  We love you.IMG_0057







The other morning, Anna Claire was laughing.  She is just so cute!  Charlie does this thing where he makes fists with his hands and holds his arms up in the air.  We say he is showing us his muscles.  What a strong boy!IMG_0059IMG_0065








They have become so much more observant.  Charlie was looking at himself in the mirror on the mobile.  Anna Claire and Daddy were being silly after a diaper change.  Notice the pants on her head!IMG_0071IMG_0072


Aunt Caity came to visit Tuesday.  Thanks for hanging out with us!IMG_0075







Thursday we went to Lapsit at the Lexington County Public Library.  (Thanks Mrs. Kim and Mrs. Cortney for helping us out!)  They read two books, sang songs, used puppets, blew bubbles, and we even used shakers for one song.  This group is for babies.  Anna Claire and Charlie did very well.  As you can see in the picture, Sarah Ann and the other babies were very eager to catch the bubbles.  I’m sure we will be chasing them soon.  We also saw our friends Mrs. Melissa and Caroline!  We can’t wait to go back.IMG_0084IMG_0087

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  1. oh my GOSH!! i LOVE the one of anna claire laughing! that is just tooooo cuteeee! can’t wait to see you guys again 🙂

  2. Miss Anna Claire is adorable and we cant get enough of Charlie’s big blue eyes! They are just PRECIOUS!
    The library visit looks like so much fun 🙂

  3. Love when Caroline puts her fists in the air. She does this when she’s in her swing. Its like she wants to catch “her friends” as they go around with the music. After a couple days of doing this Sam started to work with her on reaching and grabbing. She accomplished this on July 4th! Can’t wait to see you at Lapsit next Thursday.

  4. So cute! You guys are busy! 🙂 Missed seeing you this Sunday! Teaching SS I feel like I’m always missing you guys!

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