5 Month Pictures – No Fun

We decided last Monday to take Anna Claire and Charlie to have their pictures made.  We’ve only done this one other time.  The first time we went to Picture People.  I love them.  They are expensive but you definitely get what you pay for.  We will go back for sure.  Anyways, I had a bright idea to try somewhere else.  I called Portrait Innovations but they are closed on Mondays (we may try them sometime).  I called JCPenny probably 5 times and no one called me back until 4:00 that day.  I finally got someone at Sears, so we went there.  I found a really good coupon online, so it was really inexpensive.  Now to the main part of the story…Anna Claire and Charlie were in the best moods when we got there.  I was SO excited.  I just knew these were going to be great pictures!  It was our turn and we took them into the room.  First of all it was really hot.  I am a cold natured person, so if it was hot to me, then it was really hot.  The photographer set up and it was time to put them in their spots.  Then it happened.  The tears started flowing.  There was no stopping them.  We tried everything.  We even took off their clothes thinking that would make them happy (it usually works at home.)  I used to say, before I had children, that my children would be good in public.  Right!  I’m quickly learning that at this age, there’s only so much you can do.  Anyways, we only got a couple good pictures.  Here are a few.  Needless to say, I have a feeling we will be going sometime in the near future for some more pictures.  AcloseAgoodAfootCgoodCfootc1both1bothgood

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  1. hehe! There still precious 🙂

  2. opps….I mean “They’re” still precious 😉

  3. Hey Kathy! We had the same experience with Sears with Bensons four month old pics– it was a DISASTER! and HOT– What’s up with that?! We look back at those pics and just laugh because of the MEMORY of it all– We’ll only go to picture people from here on out– like you say– it’s more expensive, but you get what you pay for! They still look adorable in these pics– and you captured this “age” 🙂 Hope yall are doing great! 🙂

  4. They are cute!! 🙂

  5. Those are too cute!

  6. Love them!

  7. I love the blue dress! And as always I think they look adorable!

  8. They really look Kathy, even though not exactly what you planned. You can make an appointment at Penny’s on their website so you dodn’t have to even talk to anyone 🙂 We’ve had really great success there with their photographers. Hope to see you guys soon!

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