A Visit With Some Special People

For 10 weeks Anna Claire and Charlie were in the NICU.  We were SO incredibly blessed with the most wonderful primary  neonatologist, nurse practitioner, and nurse (as well as so many other great doctors and nurses.)  For those 70+ days, these doctors and nurses became like family.  We decided to go visit Saturday.  We got to spend time with their primary doctor, nurse practitioner, and nurse.  Here’s a picture of Anna Claire and Charlie with Dr. Marsh, Mrs. Darlene, and Mrs. Elizabeth.  We are so thankful for them and what they did for us.IMG_0341  IMG_0342

Friday Devin took them to the mall.  Notice who is awake. 🙂  One day she’ll want to go shopping with Mommy.IMG_0340 

Devin’s Granny and Great-Aunt Hoss came to visit the other week. IMG_0314Also, Aunt Spencer left for college.  I have a video of the babies with her but I’m not quite sure how to upload it yet.  We’ll see…

Mommy and Daddy are both back at work now.  Anna Claire and Charlie get to spend two days a week with Mrs. Kim.  They play, swing, eat, go for walks, go to Target, get baths, and so much more.  She already has them registered for Lapsit at the library too!  I don’t have a picture to post with her yet…but I’m sure there will be some soon.

Big stuff…Anna Claire rolled over!  We really thought Charlie would be first because he has been so close, but the other night, I heard AC over the monitor.  I went into her room to find her looking up at me.  They both like to push up and are grabing at things.  IMG_0348acduckAlso…drum roll please…they BOTH slept through the night last night.  This is big!  And…we tried applesauce tonight!  It was a major success.  They are such wonderful eaters.

Last but not least, we are getting ready for college football.  Anna Claire and Charlie say…”GOOO COCKS!”IMG_0322IMG_0327

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  1. This is so wonderful…all GREAT news and sweet pictures! Can’t wait to see them turn over and watch a football game with them 🙂 Love y’all!!

  2. So cute!! We had fun at Target yesterday!! 🙂

  3. ohhh gosh i miss these kiddos 😦

  4. Love those babies!!!!!! WOW! Rolling Over- big stuff!

  5. I really enjoy watching the twins. They are so cute and I love it when they smile at me.

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