We’re still here!

So sorry for the lack of posts the past week and a half.  All is well with the Henson clan.  Anna Claire and Charlie are growing and doing so well.  They have started eating a little bit of food.  We have now eaten rice cereal, pears, squash, and applesauce (I say “We” because I have tried everything.  It really isn’t that bad.  The fruit is good and the veggies taste just like ours, just not seasoned.)  They are doing very well with it. 

It is so fun to see them smiling at us.IMG_0361IMG_0373  They are working hard at holding up their heads too. IMG_0367 Mrs. Beth, Mrs. Kimberly, and Maddie came to visit the other week.  Thanks for sharing so much stuff with us!IMG_0352  Last Monday they went to the zoo with Mrs. Kim, Mrs. Cortney, and Sarah Ann.  They had so much fun.babypics51609 297  Tuesday they went to lapsit at the library with Daddy.  They are some busy little people. 

One quick story…Last Tuesday once I got home I decided to take the babies to Target.  I got them packed and we left.  Once I got to Target, I realized the stroller was in Devin’s jeep.  Needless to say, I wasn’t very happy.  For a parent of one infant or even a parent with a toddler and an infant, this wouldn’t be a big deal because you could put one baby in the carseat in the buggy and the other in the seat.  Well, I fit them both in the buggy – no big deal for me either!IMG_0351  After we checked out I decided to stop by and pick up dinner since Devin was at work and I didn’t want to cook.  I’m sitting in the drive through, pull up to pay, and CAN’T FIND MY WALLET.  I just had it!!  By then, I was thinking “What else can go wrong?”  I eventually remembered I put it in the trunk.  We finally get home, I feed the babies and put them to bed. Then I have to grade a billion tests.  Whew!  What a day!  (Sorry this was such a long story!)

Anyways, I’ve got so much more to post of our adventures, so check back soon to see more!

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  1. They are getting so big! I love to see the pictures of them, because it brightens up my day to see how God answers prayers!

  2. Man…gotta love those crazy days! I love the pictures of their precious happy faces =) Can’t wait to see them soon! Love you!

  3. Gosh…I have to say that AC is looking more like Devin and Charlie looks more like you Kathy! 🙂 They are too cute!!! 🙂

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