November 4, 2008 – A day we won’t forget!

Many people will remember this day last year as the day our country elected Barack Obama as the 44th president.  While this was a big deal for our country, Devin and I got the shock of our lives that day.  We went to the doctor for our regular prenatal appointment.  We were 13 weeks pregnant.  Keep in mind that we had already had an appointment and an ultrasound and our ONE baby was doing fine.  The doctor did all the routine things, including listening to the heartbeat.  We thought the appointment was over, but she said, “I’ll be right back, I want to grab the portable ultrasound machine.”  I immediately thought something was wrong.  Devin asked her if everything was ok.  She said yes and that she just wanted to take a peek at the baby.  As soon as she left the room I was upset, but Devin said, “Maybe there’s more than one in there!”  (famous last words)  I still didn’t think that.  Well, she came back and as soon as she put the thing on my tummy, we saw TWO BABIES!!!  I felt light headed and Devin literally jumped.  He was so excited…I was too, but we were both in shock.  We had no idea what we were in for.  I didn’t understand how we missed it last time.  Supposedly she suspected it because I felt bigger than I should be, but one baby was hiding behind the other one on the ultrasound.  Needless to say, a year later, that day will never be forgotten!

Our TWO little babies:  (Charlie reading the paper and Anna Claire grinning at her daddy.)cheezepaper

An interesting twin fact…

SO many people ask us if twins run in our family.  (If we had a dollar for every time, we’d be rich!) 🙂 I can completely understand the curiosity, so I thought I’d post some information about twins and heredity. 

Only fraternal twins are hereditary.  So, dads…it doesn’t matter if there are 100 sets of twins on your side or even if you are a twin, it doesn’t affect if you father twins.  Moms, if you have a history of twins on your dad’s side of the family…that doesn’t affect whether you have twins either.  The ONLY situation where having twins is hereditary is if your mom, grandmother, etc. gave birth to fraternal twins.  This means that you COULD be predisposed to releasing more than one egg in a cycle which could result in fraternal twins.  (Of course, fertility treatments and such can also result in twins.) Although there are families with multiple cases of identical twins…we just have to chalk that up to coincidence.  Hope you find this interesting.

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  1. Hey! I am a faternal twin! Triplets and twins run in my mother’s lineage! Did you know this is also national preemie month? Love the pics!

  2. I cried just thinking that it was a year ago!!! God is so very good and miraculous. Also…I love Charlie man’s picture 🙂 too funny!

  3. But what you do without them? Sleep? Ha Ha. They are precious and I know you feel blessed to be their parents. I am blessed to be a part of their lives.

  4. I just see both of them as a GOD THING.. so sweet of him to send a double blessing ,, Love to read the blog , thank you for doing it for all of us..
    Love you guys..

  5. I remember that day 🙂

  6. I can still remember where I was standing when you told me the big news!!! WOW…can’t believe how much can change in a year!

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