9 months

I think time really started flying once we had children.  Anna Claire and Charlie are NINE MONTHS OLD as of Monday.  We took them yesterday for their check-ups.  Here are the stats.  [quick note – The first stats I am going to give you are based on a nine month old scale.  I’m also going to give you their adjusted percentiles (as if they were 10 weeks younger than they really are.)]

Charlie – Weight:  17 lbs 4 oz (7th percentile) (25th percentile adjusted); Height:  26 inches (not on chart) (12th percentile adjusted); Head circumference:  46cm (70th percentile) (90th percentile adjusted!!)  Yes he has a big head!!  As you can see, he is doing VERY WELL!!  His eyes, ears, heart, lungs,…everything is great! 

Anna Claire – Weight:  14 lbs 8 oz (not on the chart)(9th percentile adjusted); Height:  24.75 inches (not on the chart)(5th percentile adjusted); Head circumference:  44cm (50th percentile)(75th percentile adjusted).  While she is much smaller than him, she is doing VERY WELL!!  Her eyes, ears, heart, lungs,…everything is great!  I am learning to not stress over her being smaller.  They are individuals and both doing well.  🙂

I’m working on another post with pictures, but until then, here are a couple I took with my phone.  AC is just being her happy little self and Charlie is standing while holding on to the coffee table.

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  1. Sounds GRRRREAT! 2 weeks 1 day till I get some much needed baby sugar 🙂

  2. Oh my god loved reading this article. I added your feed to my google reader.

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