10 Months Old!!!

OK.  I promise that parts 2 and 3 of Christmas are coming.  However, Anna Claire and Charlie are 10 months old today!!!  Wow!  I can’t believe how much they are doing. 

Charlie is crawling all over the place (he learned right before Christmas).  He follows us from room to room and he’s getting faster every day.  For some reason he always wants the stuff he shouldn’t have…Daddy’s cell phone, cat food, laptop.  He is even pulling up on things.  He loves to eat all kinds of baby food, Daddy’s bananas and bread. Charlie says ‘dada’ all the time.  I can look at him and say ‘mama’ and he’ll look right back at me and say ‘dada!’  If we squeal, he will mimic us.  Charlie is a great sleeper.  I weighed him on our scale at home (so I’m not sure how accurate this is) but it says he is 18.5 pounds!! (not too shabby coming from 2lbs 8oz) We are working on some sign language – milk and please are the most common. 

Our sweet Anna Claire:  She is truly our dainty little girl.  She started crawling a couple days ago.  We were so excited.  Therapy is really working.  We laugh because we will try to get her to crawl and she won’t, but if the tv remote is on the floor, she’ll quickly scoot anywhere!  If we reach to pick her up, she will reach back.  She, unlike her brother, can say ‘mama’ which makes me very happy. She has also said ‘dada’.  Anna Claire is finally getting hair!!  I can’t wait to be able to put bows in it.  They both like Dora, but if Anna Claire is crying in the car and I start singing Dora, she stops crying.  It is too funny.  She doesn’t require as much sleep as Charlie, but she is doing great through the night.  I also weighed her on the scale and she is 14.5 pounds.  Yes…that is 4 pounds smaller than Charlie.  At least it isn’t the other way around – I think that might look funny.

 We have taken them to church nursery two weeks in a row now.  So far, so good.  The first week there were a ton of babies.  Last week it was just them and Maddie.  They tried meat for the first time last night.  As with all of their baby food, I tried it first.  It really did taste like chicken with vegetables.  I was a little worried because the texture was different.  They did GREAT!  We’ll try it again tonight.  They still don’t have any teeth!  The week before I went back to school, AC and Charlie had a playdate with some friends (Sarah Ann, Caroline, and Hendrix).  We’ll have to do this again soon. 

 Devin and I are both back at work now.  AC and Charlie are having fun with Mrs. Kim.  Today they are making shirts.  I’ll post a picture so you can see how they turn out.

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  1. Thank you for all the up dates, you do a great job with your word pictures of the kids.
    I love the real pictures too. Both of the kids are so sweet .. Thanks again for sharing them with us.

  2. The shirts turned out so cute! Next week we will have them all 3 wear them and take a picture!

    I can’t believe they are 10 months old!!!!! 🙂 Time goes by so fast!

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