11 Months!!!!

Today we were at the grocery store and I saw this lady walking down the aisle.  I knew that I knew her, but couldn’t place how.  She said hi and asked if I remembered her.  I hate when that happens.  It’s just when you see someone out of the place where you know them, it’s tough to remember.  Anyways, as soon as she said it I remembered her.  Her son was in the same NICU room with Anna Claire and Charlie.  He was born February 17 at 24 weeks.  He went home in June and is doing SO well.  What a blessing.  It’s hard for me to believe it has been 11 months since our babies were born and 8 1/2 months since we brought them home.  I was pulling out some of Charlie’s preemie clothes for a neighbor to borrow and I couldn’t get over how little they were.  CRAZY!

Enough of my reminiscing!  Anna Claire and Charlie are 11 MONTHS OLD today!  Here’s what they are up to:

Anna Claire:  She is crawling all over the place.  She’s doing so well with her gross motor skills that we don’t have to go back to the therapist until the beginning of April!  She is a great eater.  She loves her fruits and veggies, yougurt, puffs, peanut butter bread, grilled cheese, etc.  She doesn’t have any teeth yet.  Her hair is coming in more.  She learned to clap with her hands open.  She’s starting to repeat a couple things…ba ba, da da, and occasionally ma ma.  She is also starting to wave bye.  This little girl might be little but she’s not afraid to take a toy she wants from her brother.  However, if he reciprocates, it is as if her world is coming to an end!  The other weekend she was doing this “kissy face.”  I got a picture. 🙂 

Charlie:  He is also crawling all over the place.  Just tonight he held onto this walker my cousin gave them and he walked all the way across our den holding on to it.  My babies are getting so big!  I wish I could say he is a great eater like his sister.  It isn’t that he won’t eat, he’s just starting to be picky.  Twice now he has sobbed…I mean literally pitched a fit when I put green beans in his mouth.  He did the same thing with carrots and peas.  I don’t understand.  I can open the same vegetable in baby food and he’ll eat it.  Silly boy!  He cut his first tooth yesterday.  It’s barely through the skin, but we can see and feel it.  It’s a sharp little thing too!  Another fun thing is that they both will put their hands up to their mouths and act like an Indian.  This is something their Grandpa taught them.  Here’s my sweet little man.

These pictures some how got left off of the Christmas posts. We finished dinner Christmas night and Daddy got the bath water ready.  He came back to the kitchen to help me get them out of their seats and ready for bath.  When we walked into the bathroom, this is what we found(I know it’s so weird because supposedly cats hate water).  Therefore, we had to drain the water, clean out the tub, then run more water.  While Mommy did that, Daddy did this.  Hope y’all have a great week.

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  1. Soooo cute!! Isn’t it crazy how fast 11 months can go by??

  2. I just love naked baby pictures! Especially with food all over their faces!

  3. Love it!!

  4. LOL!! I think the cat in the bathtub is HILARIOUS…oh the adventures and memories!! HAPPY 11 MONTHS BABIES…Aunt Bekah and Uncle J LOVE YOU SOOOO MUCH!!

  5. They are ADORABLE. . .and we have 2 cats that LOVE water; they come running every time we turn on a faucet anywhere!!

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