You Peeled What?

I vividly remember loving grapes as a child.  My parents have these colorful Tupperware bowls with clear plastic lids that my mom would fill with grapes and bring for us to eat in the car as a snack.  Devin also really likes grapes.  [Here’s a quick side story that’s kind of funny…I’ve been trying to shop sales at the grocery store recently.  It’s kind of become a personal challenge to see how much money I can save.  Anyways, winter is not the best time to buy grapes.  One day, Devin was going to stop by the store for me.  On his list was ‘fruit – bananas and apples.’  When he came home, he had bananas, apples, and grapes.  I didn’t think too much of it until I looked at the receipt.  Now, before I tell you how much these grapes cost, some of you may not know an average price for grapes.  Normally in the summer, grapes are $1.99/lb however each week some store has them on sale for $0.99/lb.  So, I pay between $2-4 for a bag of grapes.  Well, my most wonderful husband paid….brace yourselves…almost $9 for a bag of grapes!!  That’s right, $9!!  Needless to say, we at every single one of those precious grapes.  🙂 ]  Now back to my original story.  Sometimes when we are eating grapes we will bite one in half and let Anna Claire and Charlie taste it.  They love it!  So I had this bright idea tonight at dinner, to peel some grapes for them.  AC doesn’t have any teeth and Charlie barely has one, so they can’t chew the skin on the grape.  Well, they gobbled them up.  I ended up peeling almost 20 grapes.  Whew!  That was tedious.  However, I think they’re worth it! 🙂

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  1. Wow! That’s dedication!

  2. Grapes are soooo good! SA loves them too!

    I was good about peeling them for a little while, now I just cut them in half—or just give them to her whole if she’s not being patient 🙂

  3. we had those same tupperware bowls! and snack cups, and sippy cups…

  4. I peeled them at first too! Just last week I realized that even though Claire only has 2 bottom teeth, if I cut the grapes into quarters or even eighths, somehow she manages to eat them easily with the skin on. You might wanna try it, it’s a whole lot faster than peeling! 🙂

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