Sibling Love

If Devin and I were completely honest, there have been times we have wondered if there were any advantages to having two little ones at a time.  Not just two children, but two children the same age doing things at the same time.  I have felt at times that they were not being shown as much undivided attention as individual children (which is probably true).  When they were really really little and young, I was so afraid they were going to feel neglected.  I hoped they knew that we loved them and were doing our best, but could only do so much, especially when we were by ourselves with them.  Well, I’m getting over being stressed about this whole “two at a time” thing.  To be honest, it’s not that bad (anymore).  We are just now seeing advantages to it.  The main advantage…sibling love.He has starting kissing and it is so sweet!  I LOVE watching them play together.  They laugh and follow each other around the house.  It is so cute.  I am so in love with these little ones and I am so glad God knew what he was doing when he gave us these wonderful twins.  I can’t BELIEVE  that they will be 1 in 12 days!!  Time flies. 🙂

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  1. Those two have a connections for sure! In the nursery, they always seem to have one eye on the other and one eye on what they are playing with. It’ll be so much fun watching them grow closer as they grow older. They are precious!

  2. In your past two posts you’ve said how “in love” you are with AC and Charlie and it really resonates with me and I’m sure other moms (and dads). I remember feeling and saying the same thing about mine – it’s more than just loving them because your heart is pulled so closely to them and you well up with a feeling that can only be described as “in love.” It’s wonderful and joyous and I’m so happy for y’all.

  3. These pictures are breathtakingly sweet!

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