Target, Bath, and Bedrest

Wednesday we were at Target.  Anna Claire and Charlie were riding along behaving like little angels.  All of a sudden, Charlie pulls the umbrella-like cover from AC’s seat over his head and starts laughing.  It was so cute!  Anna Claire wasn’t impressed.  I’m glad I had my phone with me so I could take a picture.  Then we came home, ate dinner, then it was time for bath.  I know I’ve posted several bath pictures.  However, I just can’t stress how much these little ones LOVE their bath.  Here they are waiting on me to get the water ready.  Look closely at this picture (I know it isn’t super clear because I used my phone), but you can see what Charlie loves most is sitting under the running water.  Anna Claire really likes her ducks.  She likes when I squeeze them and they squeek!  We have these foam letters.  I couldn’t put them on the wall fast enough before Charlie pulled them down.  Anna Claire thinks she is hilarious when she splashes the water.  Especially if she gets Mommy wet. (her hand is blurry because she is splashing!)

This morning, and every morning, when they wake up, I get them and bring them to our room.  They love waking up Daddy.  I wish this picture were clearer, but it is so cute to see them in the morning.

With their birthday quickly approaching, I have gone back and read through the blog posts after their birth.  However, I realized I never blogged about the 12 days before they were born that I was on bedrest.  So, for my future memory, I have written about those 12 days.  Instead of typing it in a post, I’m attaching it as a word document.  It’s kind of long, so you won’t hurt my feelings if you don’t read it. 🙂 Just click on:   bedrest

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  1. They are precious! Little girl still slides all over the tub so we still use her bath tub! We’ll try it again without her tub soon!

  2. I am so glad you posted your birth story! That must have just been so so scary and terrifying and wonderful! I can’t believe its been a year!!

  3. I am so glad you posted your birth story!! That must have been so scary adn terrifying and wonderful! I can’t believe its been a year!!

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