Birthday Parties

Anna Claire and Charlie have several little friends their age.  The past couple weeks we’ve been to two 1st birthday parties. First was Caroline’s.  Here we are with Cortney and Elizabeth at the party.Here’s the birthday girl!Next was Nathan’s.  Here they are with the cute birthday boy! 🙂

Anna Claire and Charlie are doing well.  They are now 13 months old!!  I feel like it was just their first birthday.  New happenings…

AC:  She just cut her first tooth!  She can “smell a flower.” (she scrunches her little nose and breathes in…too cute!)  She LOVES to read.  She will crawl and get a book out of the basket, bring it to her daddy, then crawl in his lap to read it. She loves her baby doll.

Charlie:  He now has 4 teeth!  He can blow a kiss (which his momma just loves!)  He is starting to stand for a little bit by himself. I think walking is coming soon…well, maybe!  He also knows what a cow and dog say. 🙂

Coming soon…spring break pictures and our big mess!

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  1. So cute 🙂 I am glad we all got to hang out tonight! 🙂 Thanks for a delicious dinner and lots of fun!

  2. I love birthday parties! Thanks for coming to C’s! That meant a lot to us! Love you! Love the Lean on Me post!

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