1 Year Home

As a young girl I dreamed about meeting Prince Charming, falling in love, getting married, and then having a family of our own.  Well, my dreams began to come true…I met my Prince Charming, fell in love, got married, then we planned to start our family.  After many months we found out we were expecting what we thought was one little baby.  We were overjoyed!  At week 13 we got the shock of our life, we were expecting TWINS!  At first the idea seemed really cool.  After the nausea I had the first 17 weeks subsided, I felt GREAT.  The pregnancy was going really well (so I thought.)  Then the unexpected happened and I was put in the hospital at 28 weeks pregnant and had our babies two weeks later.  Wait a second….that wasn’t in my plan.  God?  What’s going on?  I never thought I’d have a baby weighed in grams not pounds, or learn about IUGR, absent-end diastolic flow, CPAP, nasal cannulas, pulse oximeter, desaturation, billirubin, PICC lines, feeding tubes, apnea monitors, isolettes, etc.  Over a period of 10 weeks, by the grace of God, we watched our babies go from literally not being able to survive without machines, to being able breathe on their own, keep their bodies warm on their own, and even eat out of a bottle.  We are FOREVER grateful for all of the AMAZING doctors and nurses who took such great care of our little ones.  As I sit here in tears reminiscing about this time, I am filled with such gratitude for all the love we have been shown over the past year from so many around us.  Today marks the 1 year anniversary of having both of our babies home. (click here to see pictures from that day) Before I put them to bed tonight, I took a couple pictures of these sweet little miracles.  I’m looking forward to many more years together.

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  1. what a precious post 🙂 and what precious babies 🙂 the Lord is so good!!

  2. God is so good!! Sarah Ann loves her “Caire” and “Car–eee”!!

  3. […] looking back, you can click here to see the pictures of when we brought them home and you can click here to see pictures of their 1 year home.  Here are some pictures of them this May…TWO years […]

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