A Tropical Birthday

Each year the NICU holds a party for the NICU grads.  Last year we were in the hospital when they had it so this is our first year to be invited.  We got to see four other families who were there when we were and five nurses who worked with our little ones.  It was AMAZING to see the progress these children have made.  Charlie went ‘fishing’ for candy. Anna Claire wanted to climb the stairs.  The little girl climbing beside her is a twin who was in our same room.

I know I’m 4 days late, but Anna Claire and Charlie are 15 months old now!  Charlie is walking all over the place.  He has five (almost 7) teeth and is wearing size 12 month clothes.  He can finally say ‘mama’ which makes me SO happy!! (she can as well!) He has the sweetest voice.  He is doing incredibly well with his sign language too.  Anna Claire isn’t walking well yet (that’s a post in itself!) but she can get wherever she wants by crawling super fast or walking with a push toy.  She has 3 teeth with several more on the way.  She is wearing size 9 month clothes.  She is awesome at repeating things.  Not that we say bad things, but we have to watch what we say in case she repeats it.  She has become attached to her ‘lovey.’  I’ll post a picture of that later.  We will go in two weeks for their 15 month check-up, so I’ll let you know stats then.

I have thoroughly enjoyed my first full week off of school.  We have been shopping, to the park, library, swimming twice, played outside, been to therapy, and so much more.  I’ve been a pretty crummy blogger recently, so stay tuned for blogs about swimming, Daddy sharing his hobbies, cooking, and much more.

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