Three (and some shopping pictures)

My friend Cortney posted this on her blog so I thought I’d do the same so you could know a little more about me.

Names I Go By:

  1. Mommy
  2. Kathy
  3. Mrs. Henson

Places I Have Been:  (When I started typing this one, I realized that while I have been lots of places on the east coast, I haven’t been west of the Mississippi River or east of well, the US.  Devin, we need to do something about this!)

  1. Bahamas
  2. New York
  3. Disney World

Favorite Drinks:

  1. Sweet Tea
  2. Water
  3. Apple Juice

Jobs I Have Had:

  1. Runner for a Law Firm
  2. Bank Teller
  3. High School math teacher

TV Shows I Watch:

  1. Flashpoint
  2. Cake Boss
  3. Any home improvement show (I know…weird)

Places I Would Like to Visit:

  1. Alaska
  2. Hawaii
  3. I’d love to spend a couple weeks touring Europe (Devin?? 🙂 )

Favorite Things to Eat: (so not healthy!!)

  1. Anything with cheese
  2. chocolate
  3. Strawberries or watermelon

Things I Am Looking Forward To:

  1. Watching Anna Claire and Charlie learn and grow
  2. meeting my new niece or nephew in March
  3. Traveling more

Three People I am Tagging:

  1. Rebekah
  2. Emily
  3. Melissa

Now for some pictures…

When I first started taking Anna Claire and Charlie shopping, I had them in the double stroller where I could snap in their carseats.  Then I took them in the regular double stroller.  Now they are big enough to sit in the seat of the buggy.  If Devin and I both go to the store we can each push one child.  If I am by myself, Anna Claire sits in the seat and Charlie sits stands in the back.  Well, we have now moved on to even more fun ways to go shopping.  Publix has this really cool buggy with a car on it.  They can sit and ‘drive’ while I shop.  It is a full size buggy too!  Target has this little sitting area on their full size buggies.  In this picture you will see Anna Claire is standing in the back of the buggy.  This is because she had enough of her brother bothering her.  He kept putting his feet on her.  I think he liked frustrating her…oh no!  Anyways, check in tomorrow to see pictures of some of our fun times with some of their toddler friends this summer. 🙂

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