17 months

Anna Claire and Charlie will be 17 months old on Saturday.  I thought I’d write 17 similarities and differences in them.

Alike:  They both have the most beautiful blue eyes and blonde hair I’ve ever seen.

Different:  Anna Claire loves any fruit or vegetable we give her.  Charlie prefers meat and potatoes (he’ll eat fruit but pretty much no veggies but corn!)

Alike:  They both have a scar on the middle of their left arm (from the PICC line in the NICU – the only sign they were there!)

Different:  Charlie loves to play with balls and cars (he even makes the car sound…I think boys are born knowing this stuff).  Anna Claire loves her baby doll and puzzles.

Alike: They LOVE their daddy (and mommy too! 🙂 ).

Different:  He sleeps all night long covered with his blanket.  She takes hers off within minutes of being put in her crib.

Alike:  Outside is one of their most favorite places to be.

Different:  Charlie has wide feet and AC has narrow feet.

Alike:  They read at least 20 books a day.  (well, Mommy or Daddy reads them 20 books a day)

Different:  Charlie wakes up before Anna Claire in the morning, usually by 30 minutes.

Alike:  ‘Dora the Explorer’ and ‘Go Diego, Go’ are their two favorite shows.  (They are allowed to watch 2 a day…well, at least that’s what we try…one after breakfast so Mommy can clean up and so they won’t be too sad when Daddy leaves and the other one before dinner so we can get it cooked.)

Different:  We weighed them on our scale today and she is 18.5 lbs and he is 23 lbs.

Alike: They really like to go to the zoo and they have fun making all of the animal sounds.  Some of their favorites are the goats at the farm, the monkeys (especially when they are making lots of noise), the penguins (mostly because they like climbing on the rocks.  On a side note, I noticed the other day there is a sign asking people to not climb on the rocks.  Really?  I think every child that goes in their climbs on the rocks!), and the fish.

Different:  Charlie’s hair is curly and AC’s is straight.

Alike:  They are both very ticklish.

Different:  Anna Claire is much more vocal than Charlie recently.

Alike:  They are loved more than they will ever know by their Mommy and Daddy!!

I fall more in love with these two precious gifts more and more every day.  🙂

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  1. Happy 17 months, angels!!! We love ya’ll 🙂 p.s. I love tall the pictures….especially the tickle one 😀 and I cannot believe they put those rocks there and then asked the kids not to climb on them?! I thought that’s what they were there for 😀 lol!

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