19 pictures for 19 months

Our sweet Anna Claire and Charlie turned 19 months old last week.  We took them to the doctor Tuesday for their 18 month well visit.  (I know…a month late…but Devin and I wanted to both go so we had to wait for Fall Break.)  Here are their stats:  Charlie is 23lbs 2oz and Anna Claire is 20lbs 2oz.  He is 32 inches long and She is 31 inches.  They are both doing incredibly well!

In honor of their 19 months of life, I thought I’d share 19 pictures from the past few weeks.

We went to the park with Bryson and Mrs. Elizabeth.  🙂

Playing at Chick-fil-a with Nathan, Sarah Ann, Carlie, Addie, and Reece.

Anna Claire had to get her feet wrapped with tape by the physical therapist to help fix some problems.  It didn’t stop her.  She called it her ‘boo boo.’

Charlie got his own boo boo while trying to ride his tricycle with Grandpa. (Side note…he loves his lion and I love his beautiful blue eyes!)

Go Cocks!

Charlie got his second haircut. (Yes, Mrs. Emilee had her baby, Brooks, two days later!) 🙂

Sweet sleeping babies.

They love playing with sidewalk chalk. (notice the piece in her hand)

Charlie is curious about all of Daddy’s tools.

Daddy’s big helpers.

Silly girl playing with the laundry.

Trouble makers. (She pulled dirt out of my flower pot and he tried climbing the bookshelf!!)

He loves his cat.

She loves her lovey.

The love their Daddy.  (They had a snuggle time after bath the day they got their shots.)

As you can see, we’ve got two precious yet busy little ones on our hands.  We love them to pieces!!

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  1. They are so sweet! Precious pics…can’t believe they’ll be two in a blink of an eye!

  2. Happy 19 months…we love you two soooo much 🙂

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