Ho Ho Ho!

Mommy: “Charlie, Anna Claire, what does Santa say?”

Kids: ” Ho Ho!”

Mommy: “Do you love Santa?”

Kids: “Yes!”

Mommy:  “Do you want to sit on Santa’s lap?”

Kids: “Yes!”  {Anna Claire: “Hug Ho Ho!”}

This is the dialogue we’ve been having over the past several days.  So today we headed to the mall.  Santa arrives at 10 am and we were supposed to meet some friends there at 10:30.  I thought Santa may be busy so we got there a few minutes early to wait in line.  Well, there was no line.  A mommy and her little baby were in front of us and no one was behind us.  I got the kids out of the stroller and Charlie ran to Santa, said “Hey!”, sat on his lap and read a book.  Here is his lovely picture.

I asked Anna Claire if she wanted to sit with Charlie on Santa’s lap.  She said, “No!”  I walked a little closer and she said, “No Mommy!”  I said, “ok.”  I didn’t want her to get upset so we backed away.  Well, Santa was so sweet.  (I guess he’s had a lot of practice.)  He said he had to go so Anna Claire told him “bye bye.”  [he hid behind the chair]  The camera man asked if Anna Claire would like to sit in his chair.  She said “yes!” with a big smile on her face.  He gave her a book and while she was reading Santa peeped over the chair and we got this cute picture. 

They just got up from their naps and I asked them if they had fun seeing Santa.  Charlie just smiled and Anna Claire said, “hug Ho Ho?”  🙂  I love them!

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  1. LOL! I love the story!! She’s so little in that big ol’ chair 🙂 Glad they both had smiles 🙂

  2. Love it!!!

  3. Her picture with Santa is the sweetest “Santa” picture I think I have ever seen..

  4. Absolutely the most adorable picture ever! That Santa rocks!

  5. Looking forward to taking Miss C to see SC!!!! Love the pics!

  6. Oh my! So adorable! You sound like me getting there early!

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