ACH is OCD and CDH is talking more!

I have to write about this so that I can remember to share these stories when our kiddos are older.  First, Anna Claire…she is SO particular.  We rearranged the furniture in our den.  Well, the next morning when she woke up she came to the den and started crying saying, “Mommy, oh no, it moved!”  (She did this 3 days in a row!)  We cleaned the carpet at our house so I had to move some of the furniture in her room.  When I put it back, I put her baby doll stuff in a little different order and she freaked out!  She will not eat a broken cookie or pretzel.  The other day I changed her pillow case (which was white) and put a light yellow one on.   It was night so her room was dark so she couldn’t tell.  The next day for nap she was upset and needed ‘her’ pillow so I had to give her a white pillowcase.  One night after bath she cried because I used a blue towel for her not a pink one.  She also has an issue with certain shirts…the sleeves can not have elastic around the wrists.  OH MY GOODNESS!!  I feel the gray hair coming.

Charlie man…he is talking so much more!  We are so proud of him.  My favorite word right now is turtle (tu tle).  Some other new words are Anna, brownie (bwownie), back, and hot dog.  We started speech therapy for him.  You may think he is a little young for it but I think it has been great!  When we started he was 20 months old and had the comprehension of a 26 month old (awesome!). However he had the verbal language of a 17 month old.  That’s not too delayed but I’m sure he has improved a lot.  I am so proud!!  Funny story about Charlie…I told you earlier we cleaned the carpet.  Well, the next day he told his daddy he had to pee pee.  (We haven’t started potty training but we will soon…we have two little potties waiting.  I just selfishly am not ready.)  So, Devin took him to the bathroom and took his diaper off.  Charlie immediately ran from the bathroom (naked) and started peeing! All over my clean carpet.  Well, at least he knew he had to go. 😉  Also, we’ve started a little habit that I really don’t mind at night.  Honestly, I don’t know how it started.  One night out of the blue we put him in his bed to go to sleep.  About 3 minutes later he called me…which never happens.  I went in there and he stood in his crib, pointed to the chair, and said, “wok wok” (rock rock).  So, for about 2 weeks now, we “wok wok” for about a minute then I put him in the bed.  He isn’t asleep.  I guess he just loves his mommy and wants to snuggle.  🙂

Here are a couple pictures from bath last night.  I haven’t forgotten about the rest of our Christmas pictures.  They are coming this week!

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  1. Too cute! I promise I did not make Anna Claire OCD. I miss them and hope to see them soon:)

  2. Love your babies and this post!

  3. these pictures are the cutest ones i have seen in a while!! i love them so much and their sweet smiles! justina says charlie looks exactly like devin… haha i think everybody agrees on that one. 🙂 love yall!!

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