“Anna Care…No No!”

Charlie isn’t the best talker, but he is improving by leaps and bounds daily.  I am SO proud. 🙂  We were in the car today and this is what I heard…

AC:  “Cha-sie wook!  Cha-sie wook!  Cha-sie wook!” (translation…”Charlie look!”)

Charlie: “Anna Care…no no!”

So, I immediately turned around because of two reasons…1 – I was shocked he put all those words together and 2 – I wanted to see what she was doing.  She was playing with the cords to the DVD player which is a no no.  He’s not going to be tempted by his naughty sister. 🙂 ha ha!

Two other funny things that happened today:

~We were making Valentine’s cookies. I told her we had to “shake shake shake” the sprinkles.  She said, “shake your booty.” 🙂  Devin and I died laughing.  I had to think for a second where she learned that.  It quickly popped in my head.  Every night when I get them out of the tub I hold them in the air and shake them (not hard…just to get some water off) and say, “shake shake shake, shake shake shake, shake your booty.”  Too funny!

~Charlie LOVES Roscoe, one of our cats.  Roscoe lets Charlie lay on him, hug him, pet him, etc.  Sometimes Charlie gets a little rough and I’m scared he’s going to hurt the cat and the cat will retaliate.  Anyways, he was being rough and I told him to stop.  His cute but bossy little sister said, “Cha-sie, no no…time out!”  And no lie, the child went to time out for a second until I told him he didn’t have to go and I told her she couldn’t put him in time out.  Oh my!

Anyways, as you can tell, there’s never a dull moment around here.

A few recent pictures:

Being silly at lunch. (you can see Charlie got his 3rd haircut!)

Our cuties before church.

Our little pianists.

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  1. I absolutely LOVE these stories!! So cute! So proud of Charlie’s and AC’s talking!!

  2. p.s. I LOVE Charlie’s haircut and I really love the color yellow on Miss AC 🙂

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