Sleep vs. Quality Time

I am so thankful that our children sleep through the night.  I am so thankful that it is an easy process to put them to bed.  I am thankful that they still take naps.  However…many days Charlie wakes up 1 hour BEFORE Anna Claire in the mornings but takes a longer nap than she does.  I’m glad she wants to sleep later, but wish he would too.  I’m glad he wants to sleep longer at nap, but wish she would too.  I was thinking about this today, and to be honest, that’s pretty selfish of me.  If I think about it, on those days I have about one hour in the morning to totally focus on Charlie and one hour in the afternoon to totally focus on Anna Claire.  Tomorrow is a new day.  Instead of wishing they would sleep longer and during the same times, I am going to take advantage of the individual time I have with each of them.  I’ll admit that when I wake up early in the morning I will probably grumble under my breath that I wish he would go back to sleep and at nap when I don’t get as much done because she wakes up early I’ll probably grumble again…but hopefully I’ll get over it quickly.  We’ll see what kind of fun we can get into.  Here are some pictures I took yesterday afternoon.  Here’s AC…totally awake after only 1.5 hours of a nap (probably less than that because she likes to talk to her babies before she falls asleep).  Here’s Charlie after 3 hours of a nap (I totally woke him up after I took this picture.  He probably would have slept until midnight and then wanted to be up!) Gosh I love these little ones! 🙂

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  1. Great post! 🙂 SA and Reece are the same way!

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