Mommy of the Year?

So, Thursday started out just grand.  We met our friends at the zoo.  I guess I didn’t think about the fact that some school are out on Spring Break and many schools had field trips to the zoo planned.  Needless to say there were a lot of people at the zoo.  We saw the bears, some birds, then the kangaroos.  We made our way around to the gorillas, elephants, and then the giraffes.  That’s when it happened.  I got Charlie out of the stroller, then Anna Claire.  Before I knew it Charlie was gone.  I turned to my friend Kimberly and neither of us could see him.  We both start looking…he was no where!  OH MY GOSH!  I LOST MY SON!!  Kimberly went one direction and I went then other.  Well…praise the Lord for Raluca!  (My friend, Cortney, is friends with Raluca.  I have met Raluca a few times at Cortney’s kids’ birthday parties.  We happen to also read each others’ blogs so she knows my kids.)  Anyways, she saw him calling me and she called his name then when he looked she picked him up.  WOW!  Thank you God!  She found us and all was well!  Whew…I’m emotional just thinking about it.  Moral of the story…your kids can disappear in an instant.  I will never ever let my kids out of their stroller at the zoo unless I have another adult with me or my kiddos will wear their backpacks with the leash things on them.  We continued on to feed the giraffes, visit the farm, monkeys, and lions..then we headed home.  They had a great time exploring with Maddie and Anna Claire thought Baby Hudson was pretty cute! 🙂

That evening we enjoyed a great dinner with some of my LHS friends, Mrs. Trudy and Ms. Erika.  The kiddos got icecream cones after dinner and Charlie was a little messy.  Thanks Ms. Erika for the help! 🙂

Check in tomorrow for pictures of our trip to the strawberry patch!

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  1. You really are one of the best moms ever!! (and one of the best sisters!) 🙂

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