A Picture Tells So Much

In this picture you can learn so much about our kids.  We were playing at the park with our friends Addie, Carlie, Sarah Ann, and Reece when I grabbed my cell phone to snap this picture.  First of all…’monkey see monkey do.’  This is so common around our house now.  If one does something or gets something, the other wants to do or have the same thing.  Anna Claire is climbing so Charlie tries too.  Anna Claire is brave…very brave.  Therefore you will see she is at the TOP.  She may be little but that won’t stop her!  Bows…Anna Claire’s hair is at that point where I don’t want to cut it, but if she doesn’t keep a bow in, her hair is right in her eyes.  Thank goodness she doesn’t mind wearing them. 🙂  Sweet sweet Charlie…look closely at his hand.  What is that you see?  Oh, it’s his hammer.  That child is OBSESSED with hammers right now.  If you ask him what he is going to do, he will say, “I tap tap my nails.”  🙂  So cute!  Also, look how tall he is getting.  He’s come along way from 14 inches!  I’m so thankful for modern technology like my camera on my phone that I can use to capture simple everyday fun we have.

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