Mall with Daddy

During the winter I would take Anna Claire and Charlie to the mall in the mornings to play in the play area then we would sometimes eat lunch.  That’s it.  However, the other night it was a little cool outside so we decided to take the kids to the mall to play.  Then Daddy treated us to dinner.  Well, the fun didn’t stop there.  We then got to ride the carousel, which was a big hit!

Then, Daddy got us ice cream, but we thought it was more fun to share his milkshake!  We love Daddy! 🙂

Also, Devin’s parents’ neighbors have some chickens with baby chicks and some bunnies in their back yard.  Now, every time we go visit they want to see the animals and get the eggs.  Too cute!  Actually, the other day we were at the zoo and Charlie pointed to the rabbits in the farm and said “Ruby and Jewel!”  (those are the names of the neighbor’s rabbits)

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  1. um…I cannot wait to get my hands on those sweetie pies!!! 😀 Also, what a GREAT daddy 🙂

  2. …and I love the last picture! So cute!! Love AC’s hands behind her back 😉

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