Playing Together

I love the fact that Anna Claire and Charlie love to wander off to one of their rooms or the playroom by themselves to play.  They are such good friends and I am so thankful.  Now don’t get me wrong…they definitely can bother each other.  But what brothers/sisters don’t? 🙂  Some random thoughts…Charlie hates having his toenails cut.  I mean really…he does not like it.  However, Aunt Melanie came to the rescue the other night and that little rascal let her cut them.  Maybe he felt like he could relate because she was the worst ever when she was little about getting her toenails cut. 

The kids are recently really interested in having their picture taken and then looking at it.  We were eating lunch and they wanted to see their pictures.  So I grabbed the camera and they started smiling.  Silly kiddos. 🙂 

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  1. Aw, sweet Aunt Mel!!! ….and no, I don’t know anything at all about fighting with my sisters 😉

  2. SA doesn’t like to have her toenails cut either!

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