Anna Claire and Charlie’s Aunt Caity worked at Genesis Studios while in college.  Genesis Studios is a production company that does marketing, media production, etc.  Last week she told us they needed some little ones and their parents to film some footage for a commercial at Edventure.  Well…our kiddos love Edventure so it was a perfect fit.  Let me say that I admire parents of child actors.  Can you imagine telling your two year old children that they have to walk inside Edventure, then come right back out (without playing), then do it all over again?  Well…that’s what we did…like 10 times.  We made a game out of it and they did great!  They eventually got to play.  Here’s a picture of them filming Charlie on the tractor.  🙂

College football has started!  We have enjoyed getting together with friends and family the past two weeks to watch the games.  My camera was acting funny so I didn’t get any pictures last week when Aunt Melanie, Nana and Grandpa, and the Keenes came over for the 2nd game, but here are a couple from the first week.  Hopefully we’ll keep the winning streak going! 🙂

Our little ones love going to church.  They enjoy their Sunday school class so much!  It is amazing how much they learn and retain at such a young age.  However, by the time we get home from church everyone is ready for a nap.  Here are our sleepy heads one Sunday afternoon.  I actually woke them up one day because they were sleeping so late. 🙂

This was not planned, but one day Charlie was sitting on Devin’s lap and I realized they were dressed the same.  Cute huh?

That’s all I’ve got for you tonight, but stay tuned…I’m trying to catch up on the blog.  🙂

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