Fernando, Paco, and Jennifer

Our kiddos have pretty good imaginations.  One of their favorite things to do right now is pretend they are “Paco” and “Jennifer” and that daddy is “Fernando.”  {Random?  Yeah, I know!  🙂 Devin made up these names one day just to be silly with the kids and it stuck. 🙂 } They even talk funny when they pretend like this.

One afternoon we were playing outside and I was laughing so hard at them.  AC was wearing her princess skirt over her clothes.  It was obviously a little cool because I have them dressed in long sleeves (but no shoes?).  AC was trying to play hopscotch and Charlie was “bovering me!” (bothering)  He thinks it is so funny sometimes when he bothers her.  Oh the love of siblings!  In these pictures you can see how he is just running circles around her to annoy her and she is telling him to go play!  🙂

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  1. I love this!! and can so hear her little voice saying that 🙂

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