Pink and Orange Days

Week three at school was great for the kids.  They had pink and orange days.  Charlie took a pink icecream cone for ‘show and tell.’  He wore a red shirt with a sticker that said “pink day” and some pink heart stickers.  (he had NOTHING in his closet with pink on it…not even a stripe on a polo.)  I think he looks pretty cute!  Anna Claire woke up Tuesday with a fever so she had to stay home and miss pink day.  She was DEVASTATED!  Seriously…she cried forever!  But, Mommy tried to make the day fun.  🙂 We painted our fingernails pink, dressed in pink, ate strawberry yogurt, did a pink craft and more!  I think she had a good time. 🙂

Here they are on Orange Day.  We had to really search to find something orange to wear  (we don’t own too much of that color!)  Charlie brought an orange crab magnet and Anna Claire took an orange for ‘show and tell.”
They are really starting to play better independently.  We set up some toys outside and they love playing out there on these beautiful days.  🙂  One day they collected leaves and their Daddy showed them out to put them under a paper and color over them and they could see the outline of the leaf!  Devin also built a new shelf in the garage for their toys.  Charlie wanted to help!

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