Princesses and Marching Band

Saturday was a busy day.  We started the day off at Charlie’s soccer game at 9.  At 11, Anna Claire headed to her friend, Sarah Ann’s, 4th birthday party…a princess party for girls only!  These 7 little girls had a blast!  After the party I headed to Walteboro for the 5A State Marching Band competition.  My baby sister is a senior and the drum major of my alma mater.  I am so proud of her and that group of students.  They did a great job! (and I had fun spending time with my parents 🙂 ) My dad drove the 18-wheeler for the band.  On Sunday, I took Anna Claire and Charlie to the school to see it.  They loved it!!  The went on a little ride and had fun exploring.  Sunday evening we were watching a show and the kids wanted to snuggle…but they wanted to snuggle alone with Mommy.  So, they took turns and I loved every second!  Random:  Today I attempted boiling peanuts.  They turned out pretty good.  Any tips? Also, the picture beside the peanuts is a picture of some new shirts Devin ordered for Firefly Lectures.  Cool huh? 🙂

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