4 year stats

We took Anna Claire and Charlie to the doctor for their 4 year well visit.  Thankfully we don’t have to go to the doctor often, so they don’t really have a fear of it.  We love Dr. Dodds.  Anna Claire and Charlie were awesome…well, you know…until the shots.  Anna Claire is 31 pounds fully clothed and 39 inches tall.  Charlie is 37 pounds fully clothed and 40 inches tall.  Pretty awesome seeing as they started at 2lbs!

**Short story I’d like to share to remind us of how awesome God is….because of a few things AC has going on Dr. Dodds did some preliminary bloodwork to test her for leukemia.  Yeah…leukemia.  PRAISE THE LORD she is fine.

When it was time for shots, Charlie went first.  Poor Anna Claire sat in the chair while Devin held Charlie’s hands and I held his legs. (He is one strong boy!) She cried and told the nurse to stop.  She did not like seeing her brother hurt.  It was precious.  She was next and was a trooper.  They cried for a few minutes then pulled it together. 🙂  Daddy promptly took us to Groucho’s for lunch and then to get milkshakes.  Thanks Daddy!!

**One more quick story: Charlie had soccer practice the next day.  Before he left for practice he told Devin, “Daddy, I can’t wun weally fast tonight cause I got shots in my wegs.” 🙂 [we are working on those ‘r’ and ‘l’ sounds!]

Here they are with their milkshakes and then going for a wagon ride after their nap(since their poor legs hurt).milkshake

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  1. You’ll miss those “missing r’s and l’s” one day. Everything I hear a child that hasn’t mastered those sounds I just smile and remember my boys at that age.

  2. Hey, I still carry on like that when I get a shot.!!

  3. Thankful your princess is okay! Love your twin loves to pieces! I’ll be walking in the MOD for them in 28 days, right!

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