Anna Claire and Charlie have the best daddy!  One of their favorite things to do with him is “Daddy school time.”  This is at least once a week.  Sometimes it is as simple as sitting in one of their rooms with a dry erase board and marker working on learning something new.  He has taught them how to write their names, add numbers, and draw fun things.  He’s taught them sorting and how to order things using apps on the iPad.  Sometimes they go outside and learn about catapults or how to shoot a bb gun.  daddy schoolCharlie loves playing sports (baseball, soccer, golf, football, and throwing the frisbee) and superheros with him.  He enjoys playing games on the wii with him and playing card games like ‘Go Fish’ and ‘War’.  Charlie also likes to play tic tac toe and checkers too!
Anna Claire likes him to push her on the swing, help her color, tell her stories, play card games and play pretend. She likes to cuddle at night and watch a show before bed.  She also likes him to play tricks on her…telling her to be careful because her icecream may be hot or that he loves her orange shirt when it is really purple. 🙂 She thinks it is so funny!
He actually let them paint his fingernails one day.  I NEVER thought that would happen.  devin nailsHe prays with them before bed and works really hard to provide for us.  He is more of the disciplinarian…and he does a great job of correcting in love even though it’s tough love sometimes.  We are so blessed!

In April we celebrated his 30th birthday with family and friends.  We had a great time!dev 30 bday dev 30 bday2Thanks for being a great Daddy!

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