Summer Adventures – Week 3

The 3rd week of June was super fun.  On Monday we headed to the library and after story time the kiddos got their first library cards.  Devin and I always use our cards to check out their books but we went ahead and got them their own. 🙂librarycard

After the library we headed home and made a cake to take to Nana and Grandpa’s to celebrate father’s day with them.  We made it look like a fish since he likes fishing. 🙂  That night we headed to dinner with them.  After dinner AC headed to gymnastics cakegrandpa fath day

That week’s story was Noah’s ark, so we had lots of animal/rainbow things planned.

Tuesday morning the kids watched the Bible story on dvd.  Then we went on an scavenger hunt to find items of every color of the rainbow.  They did a great job. rainbow scavenge Before lunch they traced themselves and colored.  (Anna Claire was so particular ab0ut her’s.  Charlie told me the red scribble on his was the blood in his body?!?)  After nap we headed to Gibson pond to feed the geese with friends…but the geese weren’t there.  We had fun playing anyway. 🙂  That night Charlie had tball practice.bodytracegibson

Wednesday we headed to Radius church for Water Wednesday.  We had a lot of fun learning about Moses and having fun snacks and doing fun crafts.  🙂  ww1ww2When we got home the kids sorted star stickers by color.  They also got a gift in the mail from the Brazells.  It was these little capsules that ‘grow’ in water.  They turned in to sponges of different shapes and the kids thought it was super cool! star sortbrazellgiftS0oo..that night I was just feeling a little overwhelmed (ever had a day like that?)  Well my AWESOME husband took the kids to Moes, the book store, and the mall to play.  I had 2 hours to myself.  I went to the gym and came home to sew cornhole bags.  The quiet was nice for a bit. 🙂

Thursday we headed to the zoo with Mrs. Elizabeth and Mari Mack. AC and C pretended to be flamingos.  So silly!! That afternoon we went swimming with our friends, the Whittingtons and Broadwells.zoo mm zoo mm2 zoo flamingo

ac swim snack silly cFriday was the first day of summer!  We pulled out the kids’ little pool and they enjoyed cooling off on that pretty warm day.  That evening we went to church for a cornhole tournament.  It was pretty fun. 🙂kid pool2 kid pool

cornholeSaturday Charlie had his second tball game.  After the game we took the kiddos to get new carseats.  They were super excited.tball gamepapac seat ac carseat

Sunday we headed to church then had dinner and went swimming with the Whittingtons and Broadwells again. (This time the daddies came!)pool

Once again, it was a super busy/super fun week!  🙂

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  1. Loved the cake, and the NEW big-kid carseats!! Looks like a fun summer 🙂 Love y’all!

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