Nightly Routines

The last 30-45 minutes of every day at our home is pretty routine.  Anna Claire and Charlie take turns brushing their teeth (mommy or daddy ‘check’ behind them).  After that they each get to pick out a book to read and we lay on the floor in AC’s room and read them.  Then we all say our prayers.  Then they go potty one more time and eat their vitamins.  We all give hugs and kisses.  Charlie always says, “wait!  One more thing…” then he picks up Anna Claire and tells her she’s the older one but he’s the stronger one.  🙂  Seriously, every night this happens.  Then Charlie walks to his room while I tuck Anna Claire in to her bed.  Before I leave her room we have this little routine (it reminds me of a secret club handshake).  We do the sign for ‘I love you’, wave, and blow a kiss.  The child cries if we don’t do this.  Then I walk in Charlie’s room and he is ALWAYS sitting by this lamp. c night Then he comes and climbs in my lap and we rock (yes I said rock) while I tell him one story.  Just FYI, if you’re reading this blog you probably know us which means I’ve probably told a story about you.  After that, I ask him how he is getting to bed and he says like…spiderman, or wolverine, or hulk…and we pretend he is that character and he flies or jumps to bed.   I tuck him in, kiss him, and leave the room.  I then go back to AC’s room and lay in her bed with her for about 3 minutes talking about the day and what we will do the next day. ac night I tuck her in, kiss her, and do our ‘secret handshake thingy’ and leave.  Whew!  I seriously always thought those crazy things parents did at night were nonsense, but it works for us, my kids are good sleepers, and I sure do love that time with them!  🙂

**just a little side note, if mommy isn’t home, daddy still does all of that…teeth, potty, books, prayers, secret handshake, tucking in…except the rocking and the laying in bed.  🙂

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