5 year stats

photo 1 (2) photo 1Anna Claire and Charlie went to the doctor for their 5 year well visit a couple weeks ago.  I’m thankful for a wonderful doctor and nurse who took so much time with our kiddos.  (The nurse even pricked her own finger to show them it wasn’t so bad!) 🙂 After eye exams, hearing tests, blood pressure check, going pee pee in a cup (that was fun!), a finger prick, one vaccine shot each, and the physical exam…she told us what we already know…they’re healthy!  PRAISE. THE. LORD!  AC is 35lbs (16%) and 41.5 inches (29.5%).  Charlie is 42lbs (59%) and 43.25 inches (56%).  Here they are waiting in the room for the doctor to come.  So silly!photo 2 (2)  Here they are having fun outside one Sunday after church.  photo 3 photo 4 photo 5 photo 2We enjoyed some pie on pi day (3/14). 🙂  Devin taught the kids about pi.  They know we use it to measure circles and that it is a number a little bigger than 3. 🙂photo 3 (2)

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