Reader Leaders

Have I mentioned before how thankful I am for Anna Claire and Charlie’s school?  Well I am!  Each week the students are encouraged to read and log what they read on their reading logs.  In kindergarten and first grade, the students can log books they read or their parents read to them.  Anna Claire and Charlie had the most books on their log in their class so they were selected to go the the State House for a Read-In.  They rode on a bus to downtown Columbia, brought a book and dressed as a character, walked in a parade, then ate lunch and read on the State House grounds.  IMG_1066Speaking of their school…here’s a picture of their wonderful class and spectacular teachers!  Here are their spring pictures from school 🙂 FullSizeRender IMG_1046 IMG_1047 Anna Claire learned to ride her bike in February without training wheels.  Charlie learned the day after his birthday.  They are so good at it and are zipping around the neighborhood all the time.  They have even gone to the riverwalk to ride with Daddy.  Well, on a Monday a few weeks ago, Anna Claire was riding her bike and slid on some sand and fell.  She skinned her chin.  Poor baby girl was so brave.  We snuggled a little extra that night.  IMG_0574You won’t believe this…but 3 days later her brother flipped face first off of his bike!  A neighbor ran to help him.  When Devin and I got to him, he looked terrible! Bloody nose, bloody mouth, huge goose egg on his head, and skinned knees.  I don’t know how he still has teeth in his mouth.  After a bath, ice, and neosporin, he has healed quite nicely. (This is an ‘after bath’ picture.)IMG_0609

Parents…make sure your kids wear helmets!  I’m so thankful my kids were.  I’m happy to report that those accidents haven’t stopped them.  We still ride our bikes EVERY. SINGLE. DAY! 🙂

Some other fun things we’ve done recently is make bird feeders out of pinecones, peanut butter, and bird seed.  I think the squirrels liked them more than the birds! IMG_0563

AC went to Awanas with SA and LM while Charlie and I had a date night.  IMG_0592Here’s a cute picture from dinner at Flight Deck the other week.  The kids love playing in the arcade!IMG_0631

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