Memorial Day 2015

The Sunday before Memorial Day, we kept with tradition and headed to Charleston for a day trip to the Isle of Palms with the Broadwells.  The sun was shining, kids were playing, and it was a wonderful day away!IMG_1213IMG_1212IMG_1353On Monday we headed over to my parents’ house to swim and eat.  🙂

IMG_1216FullSizeRender IMG_1217

That next week, the kids had field day.  I enjoyed spending time with their class on field day.  Their class won tug-of-war and even got a little wet.  It sure was hot!IMG_1397

That same week they had career day.  Charlie chose to be a scientist.  He loves animals so he wore his zoo camp shirt from last year, binoculars, and brought a box of pretend animals.  It was so cute.  AC wants to be a kindergarten teacher.  However, that morning she decided she wanted to be a nurse just for the day so she could dress up(because kindergarten teachers just wear normal clothes). 🙂  IMG_1237 IMG_1238

A few other odds and ends…their class went on a field trip to the zoo.  Unfortunately, Charlie was under the weather, so Mommy stayed home with him and Daddy went as a chaperone in her place with AC.  They had fun!  By that afternoon, Charlie was feeling much better so the kids helped Daddy wash his truck.



The kids really wanted to have a lemonade stand last month, so one Friday afternoon we made it happen.  IMG_1166

They got to be on their school’s morning news show one day and lead the pledge.  Momma was so proud of them!IMG_1246

Charlie really is a sweetheart.  One day he ran and grabbed his hammer to fix some nails sticking up on the deck so that no one would get hurt.  Love him!

AC is so brave.  Makes Momma so nervous!IMG_1235

Here they are one morning before church.  Nana gave Charlie these cool light saber popsicle molds for his birthday. IMG_1354Now we are beginning WEEK 4 of summer vacation.  We are having lots of fun and can’t wait to post about it. 🙂

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