Kindergarten Celebration

Last month Anna Claire and Charlie finished kindergarten.  I can not believe how quickly this year passed.  It seems like yesterday was their first day.  We were beyond blessed with wonderful teachers. The week before school ended, they had a celebration.  The students sang and then all the parents and grandparents were invited back to the classrooms to look at their scrap books and for the kids to get certificates. After that, we went to lunch with Daddy.  IMG_2702 IMG_2756 IMG_2757 IMG_2758

In January of 2014, I was literally having sleepless nights about my children starting school.  Devin and I visited public, private, homeschool groups, talked with friends, prayed…about what would be the best for our children and family regarding their education.  We decided on Oak Grove (which by the way is a rock star school in one of our state’s best school districts…Palmetto’s Finest, Lighthouse School…).  Once we made the decision I felt such a peace.  However, when we walked out of their school last month, I was more confident than ever that my children are in the best place.  They are surrounded by friends they would have never met…people from similar backgrounds as us and different backgrounds…christian and non-christian, single parent homes and homes with two parents, children living with grandparents, different races.  They are learning from experienced teachers who have made learning fun!  From PE, art, music, computers, library, lunch (where the cafeteria staff know their names!), recess, centers, reading, writing, math, and more, our kids have THRIVED this year.  They are confident and good leaders.  Their school is wonderful about parent volunteers.  I knew every child in their class and spent time at the school weekly.  And believe it or not, I feel like my time with them is more quality now.  I do my work while they are at school, so when I get them at 2:20 each day, I can be totally focused on them.  IMG_1419 IMG_1424

The last week of school was mostly half days.  After school we did fun things with friends and family…like swimming and going to the park.  One day we went to the dentist (which thankfully AC and C like to do). IMG_1415 IMG_1430 IMG_1446 Wednesday was the last day, so that night to celebrate, we went out to dinner.  IMG_1452Thursday was our first full day of summer.  We enjoyed looking though all their goodies from school, took Daisy to the vet, signed up for summer reading, and went to Caroline’s end of the year party!  IMG_1485Friday our friends Sarah Ann, Reece, and Carson came over to play which was fun as always! 🙂 Then Daddy took them to the mall for dinner while Mommy finished packing for DISNEY!IMG_1521

My Ma and Pa began a tradition with all of us grandkids.  For the girls, each year if we did well in school, they would buy us a charm for a bracelet they gave us in kindergarten.  For Andrew (the only boy) they would give him a tool for a tool box he got in kindergarten.  My mom and dad are keep that tradition going. Here are Anna Claire and Charlie getting their gifts from Granny and Papa for doing well in school.  IMG_2759Last but not least, at the end of May we enjoyed Anna Claire’s dance recital.  She received a medal for 3 years of dance at The Academy doing tap and ballet.  We are super proud of her and thankful for our wonderful family who came to watch!
IMG_1348 IMG_1330 IMG_1312

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