More Christmas fun…

John and Mary…as I said in an earlier post, we got in on the elf fun this year.  The kids had so much fun playing this game with us.  They enjoyed waking up each morning to see what kind of fun John and Mary were up to! Here are the rest of the pictures from our elves:IMG_6652IMG_6653IMG_6654IMG_6655IMG_6656

Nana’s birthday! We celebrated Mrs. Amy’s birthday with the family then all went to Saluda Shoals to look at the lights, drink hot chocolate, roast marshmallows, and visit Santa! It was so much fun! We ALL piled into grandpa’s truck! That’s 14 people! IMG_6657IMG_6658

Later that week we went back with just the four of us so the kids could see the lights again and ride down the snow tube slide and make an ornament.IMG_6659

We went to dinner with the Broadwells at Fudruckers, to Lights at the Zoo, then back to our house for the kids to play and open presents.  Fun times!!! IMG_6661

Here the kids are making cookies with my Momma! This is something she has done as long as I can remember. IMG_6660

Christmas bunco!FullSizeRender

Here are pictures from the Bradley Christmas get together.  We had such a good time with everyone!IMG_6664IMG_6213

I’ll post the rest of our Christmas pictures hopefully tomorrow!

Prayer request/praise – a few months ago, Charlie’s teacher told us she was having trouble at times getting his attention.  We didn’t know if this was the typical child being off task, some form of inattentive ADHD, … Well, we talked to his teacher pretty much daily (she’s awesome like that), talked to the pediatrician, and determined that he didn’t qualify as ADHD, so we were going to try some other strategies in class to help his focus. (We weren’t super concerned at this point since he was still doing well academically…gotta brag for a second that my boy has gotten 100s on all his spelling tests and rocked all his math tests too!) As November ended and December rolled around, his teacher continued to tell us about the struggles with his attention. At this point he was struggling to complete assignments. Over Christmas break, Devin and I witnessed something happening with Charlie that we had not noticed to this degree before.  He would go from being totally engaged in conversation to completely unaware of what was going on and unresponsive to us calling his name.  We made an appointment with his pediatrician who then referred us to a pediatric neurologist for an EEG.  Charlie had this test done on Friday.  We were supposed to go back on February 9 for the followup to get the results, but because of what they saw on the EEG, they worked us in within minutes of Charlie finishing the test.  During the test they had him do several things, one of which was blowing on a pinwheel for 3 minutes. During that 3 minutes of time he had two seizures.  He was diagnosed with childhood absence epilepsy. The good news now is that we know what is going on with our sweet boy and there is medicine out there to help with this.  We have several follow-up appointments in the next weeks and months. Please pray that the medicine is effective and that his body tolerates this medicine.  Another encouraging aspect of this is that most children outgrow these seizures by adolescence! IMG_6651

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