Phone Calls and Broken Bones

There have been two times in my life that Devin has called me and it wasn’t good…

The first one we can laugh about now. 🙂 It was 6 years ago so the twins were 1. I took them out to the zoo while my awesome husband installed recessed lights in our living room. He finished installing them and was cleaning up. He went back to the attic to grab the last of his tools when it happened…that’s when I get a phone call. “Don’t be mad,” he said. “I stepped through the ceiling,” he said. I didn’t believe him. But oh it was true. Thankfully he was ok and he fixed the ceiling.  It really is a funny story now. 🙂 foot in ceiling

Today I was at Sandhills Middle School meeting with two middle school teachers for a grant I work with at USC. At the end of my meeting I look at my phone and have a missed call and text from Devin: “Bit of an emergency, AC fell out of a tree…her arm hurts. Maybe broken.” I immediately call him, then call the pediatrician to find out where they recommend to go, then meet Devin, Charlie, and AC at the Lexington Urgent Care. Y’all, they were great there…everyone from the lady at the front desk, the person who took her vital signs, the lady who registered us, the doctor, radiologist, and nurses were GREAT! Our sweet girl has a cortical fracture. We are so sad for her but so thankful she’s ok. We will go to the orthopedist on Monday for her cast. Please pray she heals quickly! 🙂 {and that brother of hers has been great! He was so sad for her and has been so encouraging!}IMG_7815IMG_7814IMG_7817IMG_7818IMG_7819IMG_7820IMG_7821

And as you know, I’m always playing catch up with my blogging, so here are a few more pictures of things that have happened in 2016…Charlie wrapped up basketball, IMG_6941IMG_6870fun playing with cousins (and we can’t wait to spend time with the Brazells this summer too!), IMG_6576FullSizeRenderCharlie went hunting for the first time with Papa, IMG_5943Grandparents breakfast at school, IMG_4641and we celebrated Big Papa’s 85th birthday!IMG_6960IMG_6961

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