In the summer of 2013 Anna Claire and her friend Sarah Ann took a few gymnastics classes at a gym in our town. AC really enjoyed it. That gym closed that fall. In May of 2014 when AC finished 4 year old preschool, she started taking a gymnastics class one day a week. She really enjoyed it so she continued through kindergarten. In first grade she was on the pre-team. This year in second grade she has competed level 2. Gymnastics has been so wonderful for Anna Claire. I can not begin to say all the wonderful things about gymnastics, but here are a few…1. These girls are strong! (I mean have you ever pulled yourself up a rope without using your legs? Or flipped yourself over a bar? Can you do a handstand?) 2. They have a good work ethic. (They practice many days/hours a week. And honestly they don’t really complain about all the conditioning. It’s crazy! {there is one thing…splits on the panel mat…that makes AC cry. 😉 }) 3. They are disciplined…(gymnastics can be dangerous if you don’t take it seriously and listen to your coaches). 4. It is rewarding! To see these girls work hard and successfully meet a goal is so exciting! 5. Friendships. While these girls compete individually in each event, they work together as a team. They encourage each other and celebrate victories with each other. It is such a joy to watch them!

Here are some pictures from AC’s state meet last Friday. She had her personal best scores: 9.075 floor, 9.025 vault-7th place, 9.5 bars-2nd place, 8.675 beam, and 8th all around.

Warm up:123Floor:546Vault:7Bars: {Anna Claire fell twice on bars during warm-up. We were all praying in the stands that she would do well when it was time to compete. I love this first picture of her coach talking with her. She got to bars and nailed it! We were overjoyed!}89Beam:1011Love this group! Thankful for Coach Anna Claire, Coach Veronica, and Coach Kristen. 🙂 12Dinner at CiCi’s after the meet.IMG_1033Way to go EMPIRE!!

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