The Rest of Our Cruise

Saturday morning we were still out at sea traveling to Cozumel. We ate breakfast then the kids participated in the Dr. Seuss parade. Then we went to a play and they chose Charlie to be Thing 1. 🙂 IMG_1862IMG_1865IMG_1866IMG_1867IMG_1875IMG_1879After the play, we ate an early lunch at 11 and then we were ready to get off the ship at noon. We took a boat out to 3 different reefs to go snorkeling. It was SO MUCH FUN! Check out some of the pictures…IMG_2090IMG_2091IMG_2092IMG_2093IMG_2094IMG_2095IMG_2096IMG_2097IMG_2098After snorkeling, we ate at this amazing Mexican restaurant. It was the BEST. Oh my! Y’all, I seriously want to go back for the food.IMG_1880IMG_1883Then we did some more sightseeing and shopping and headed back to the ship that evening.IMG_1884Here we are at dinner…IMG_1887IMG_1889IMG_1890After dinner we played putt putt while the sun set.IMG_1891IMG_1893IMG_1894Then went for a night time swim!IMG_1895The next morning we headed to the Dr. Seuss character breakfast. 🙂 IMG_1896IMG_1897IMG_1898IMG_1899IMG_1900IMG_1901IMG_1904IMG_1902Then we went to a towel animal puppet show. IMG_1905After that we went swimming…for hours. It was actually so so nice. The kids are at a great age where they play and find other kids. Mommy even had fun on the three water slides!IMG_1911IMG_1912IMG_1918IMG_1919IMG_1920IMG_1923Ice carving…IMG_1925IMG_1949IMG_1952That evening we got cleaned up, went to dinner, and another show. It was so good!IMG_1934IMG_1939IMG_1941And of course one more trip to the candy store. 🙂 IMG_1942IMG_1926The next morning we woke up around 8, packed up, went to the dining room for breakfast, and were ready to get off the ship at 10am.IMG_1944IMG_1948 It was such a wonderful time away just the four of us. I’m so thankful for my family. 🙂 We used these last year to travel to the Bahamas and this year to Cozumel. I’m hoping for many more uses in the near future! 🙂 IMG_1954

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