Marvelous Mountain Getaway

**read all the way to the end so you can hear a funny story**                                                Last week we packed the truck and headed to the mountains. We got to our cabin around 1pm and unpacked. The owner left goodies and a note for the kids. They had to find a hidden Indian. They had so much fun looking for him!IMG_2435IMG_2436The view was beautiful! The hummingbirds love those feeders on the porch too!IMG_2437IMG_2439IMG_2442After we got settled in we hiked through the woods from our cabin to the Blue Ridge Parkway.IMG_2444IMG_2445IMG_2448IMG_2449You can see in the picture above that the owner has painted rocks along a pathway, so AC and Charlie found rocks and painted some to add to her collection. 🙂 IMG_2451That evening we went down the mountain for dinner.IMG_2450And then we enjoyed some time in the hot tub that evening.IMG_2453Y’all, the weather was wonderful. We had the doors open and the breeze was so nice! The kids watched a movie and we had s’mores before bed.IMG_2455IMG_2456IMG_2490The next morning we got ready and headed up the Blue Ridge Parkway. We made a couple stops on our way to Waterrock Knob. We hiked all the way to the top! The kids were awesome! It is the 16th highest mountain in the Eastern USA.IMG_2459IMG_2461IMG_2473IMG_2470FullSizeRender 22Once we made it down the mountain, we grabbed lunch at Brick House pizza and then did some shopping.IMG_2467After lunch we headed back to the cabin and of course the kids wanted to hop in the hot tub. 🙂 IMG_2483IMG_2486A storm came through for about 2 hours, so the kids played and we sat on the porch and Devin grilled chicken for dinner. After the rain stopped, the sun popped back out.IMG_2484IMG_2485That evening we definitely enjoyed a new adventure…we went to a rodeo! It was a BLAST! The kids got to ride sheep which was hilarious!IMG_2498IMG_2506IMG_2504IMG_2505IMG_2514The clowns, barrel racing, bull riding…it was all so good! Charlie even got his picture taken with the winner of the bull riding contest.IMG_2507IMG_2517We didn’t get back to the cabin until almost midnight! The next morning the kids and Devin did a little target practice. 🙂 IMG_2512IMG_2515IMG_2508After that we went to Soco Falls. Last summer we were in Maggie Valley with my side of the family and we went here. It is so beautiful!IMG_2511IMG_2513IMG_2501There were two bunnies around the cabin that were so cute!IMG_2495We went to a playground close to the cabin. We created our own American Ninja Warrior course. It was fun. Let’s just say, it’s a lot harder than it looks!IMG_2493IMG_2492IMG_2491IMG_2447Once we finished, we headed back to the cabin about 1 and had a late lunch. The kids played, watched some cartoons, and we packed up and hit the road around 4:30. We had a wonderful time away. We’re looking forward to our next visit! But before I end this post, I have to share a story that is funny now, but oh boy I was mad when it happened…

There are many elk in the woods around the cabin. One afternoon, the kids wanted to go looking for them. Devin was grilling so obviously I had to be the responsible adult and go with my kids so they wouldn’t be in the woods alone. I made it very clear that I didn’t think it was a good idea. Y’all, I was so scared. I mean seriously, if we ran into an elk, what were we going to do?! Anyways, we went out, down a path, where we saw big ole tracks. Then Charlie wanted to go further. We went down a different path and all of a sudden we heard a sound…it sounded like what we think an elk would sound like. We FREAKED out! AC was gone. She took off running so fast. I grabbed Charlie’s hand and started running up the mountain. When we got to the top and the cabin was back in our view, my husband was in stitches…laughing so hard because he had climbed down in the woods and that was him trying to scare us. Then! I realized my phone was gone. Somewhere in my madness of running away up a mountain from some imaginary elk, I had dropped my phone. Thankfully I had the walk back down the path to find my phone and cool off. I’m literally laughing as I type this story now, but it was SO not funny then. 🙂 I love you Devin!


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