Family Fun

When I was in middle school I took a class called Service Learning. I walked through the woods from my middle school to the elementary school and worked with a second grade class. A little while after I had been there, a new student came. Her name was Spencer. She was a cute, smart little 7 year old. I worked with the kids individually in the hallway doing math flash cards or reading books. It was a fun experience. Little did I know that one day she would be my sister-in-law! Anyways, the other week, she took AC and Parker on a “cat dress date.” 🙂 haha! She bought matching dresses for the girls and they went out for icecream and to play with kittens and a local pet place. They had so much fun! IMG_2892IMG_2894IMG_2895IMG_2897IMG_2898While the girls were doing their thing, Charlie had fun at dinner and then playing guitar hero with Uncle Brandon. 🙂 IMG_2893IMG_2900IMG_2901Remember that cute little 7 year old I told you about. Well she has a sister who is a couple years older than her. Unlike Spencer, Caity did not like me when we met. It’s kind of funny to think about now since she’s one of my best friends, but seriously, the girl didn’t like me…her brother’s girlfriend. 😉 Well, fast forward a couple years, my kiddos had a blast at Aunt Caity’s house playing with their cousins. They made homemade pizza, played pie face, watched a movie, and so much more fun! Love them all!IMG_2950IMG_2949IMG_2948FullSizeRender 32That same weekend, we celebrated Aunt Caity’s and Uncle Chadd’s birthdays. Check out that cake her kids decorated! 😉 🙂 IMG_2952IMG_2951FullSizeRender 27IMG_2955Sweet cousins…(I told them if they smile and look at the camera then they could have cake! haha!)IMG_2956Other family fun…We celebrated my Meme’s 86th birthday!! Love her!IMG_2856IMG_2858IMG_2860IMG_2868IMG_2854IMG_2865 2Loved this view out my window the other day with papa helping Devin with plans for our screen porch!IMG_2943AC had a sleepover with Granny and Papa…we went to the DYW program, TCBY, then they played with granny’s barbies from when she was little! While she was having fun there, Charlie was having a sleepover with Grandpa so they could get up at 5am to go fishing!!FullSizeRender 29IMG_2852IMG_2849IMG_2851Last but not least…swimming with the Bonesteels, playing at home, fun at the movies in the reclining seats, baking bread at Oakleaf, and a collage of pictures from National Twin Day!FullSizeRender 30FullSizeRender 26FullSizeRender 31IMG_2887IMG_2886IMG_2882IMG_2929IMG_2940

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