Happy 9th Birthday!

As I say every year…birthdays are a big deal over here! We celebrate big! 🙂 The birthday celebrations started the Monday before their birthday. We brought donuts to share with AC’s gymnastics friends after practice. IMG_1626IMG_1623Tuesday night I baked cupcakes and filled their rooms with balloons for the 9th year in a row. IMG_1639IMG_1640IMG_1641IMG_1643Wednesday was their birthday. They took cupcakes to share with their classmates at lunch. After school we took M&Ms to the NICU to share with the doctors and nurses that took such good care of them 9 years ago! (also below are some pictures of past years when we visited) That evening we went to Yamatos for dinner. IMG_1651IMG_1655IMG_1656IMG_1658IMG_1670IMG_1659IMG_1660IMG_1662IMG_1696 2IMG_1697IMG_1674IMG_1676IMG_1677IMG_1681IMG_1683IMG_9974Saturday was party day! Oh y’all! We were so blessed with the weather. It rained earlier that week and even on Sunday, but we had almost 70 degree, sunny weather the day of the party! Both kids wanted to have their parties at our house. It took a lot of planning and organizing, but we pulled it off. Anna Claire is SO into baking. She wanted to share that excitement with a few friends. The girls came over that morning, made aprons, hunted for a bakers dozen(13) eggs, decorated cupcakes, played outside, and had a talent show. (Aunt Mel also stopped by that morning!) 🙂 IMG_1706 2IMG_1703IMG_1709IMG_1710IMG_1711 2IMG_1713IMG_1714IMG_1715 2IMG_1717IMG_1719IMG_1724IMG_1726 2IMG_1727 2We had a 90 minute break then it was time for Charlie’s party. The boys took turns on Charlie’s ninja course, raced through the inflatable obstacle course, played a game on the trampoline, ate cupcakes, then had an intense nerf war game! IMG_1728IMG_1731 2IMG_1736 2IMG_1739IMG_1740IMG_1745 2IMG_1748IMG_1755IMG_1760IMG_1764IMG_1766 2IMG_1769 2IMG_1770 2Then…we had another 90 minute break. (The 90 minutes was planned, however it wasn’t really 90 minutes. A couple kids hung out a little longer with us [which was totally ok!] and my grandfather came a little early, so there was literally a 2 minute break. Haha!!) So the next party was the family party. We grilled burgers, played outside, had cake and ice cream, and just enjoyed time together. IMG_1774 2IMG_1775 2IMG_1777IMG_1783 2IMG_1793IMG_1800IMG_1803IMG_1807 2IMG_1808IMG_1810 2IMG_1814IMG_1817 2IMG_1820 2IMG_1822 2IMG_1827IMG_1831 2IMG_1832 2IMG_9993IMG_9997IMG_0001IMG_0004IMG_0006IMG_0005Oh Anna Claire and Charlie! We love you so much. We prayed for you for a long time before you were born. You are such a blessing and we treasure every day with you!! Love you forever!

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Dr. Seuss, Field Trips, and Family Fun!

The kids had fun celebrating Dr. Seuss’s birthday/Read Across America week with fun themed days at school, reading Dr. Seuss books, and spending time outside(since the weather was nice) with their friends reading at school. Here is stripes day:IMG_1502IMG_1901 2Mustache day:IMG_1510We also voted that day and enjoyed our second Pelican SnoBall trip of the season.IMG_1513 2IMG_1514PJ day! It was also early release day so Parker spent some time with us after school 🙂 IMG_1520 2IMG_1524Hat Day! It was also field trip day. We went to the Columbia Art Museum. They learned about different SC artists/photographers and even got to make some art of their own. Now they are working on a photography project at school based off of some other SC artists works. Then we went to the SC State Museum. This year they have been learning so much about SC history. (So has mom as we have studied. 🙂 ) It was such a fun day!IMG_1525 2IMG_1526 2IMG_1533 2IMG_1534IMG_1536IMG_1539IMG_1541IMG_1544IMG_1545IMG_1546IMG_1548IMG_1549IMG_1552And after our fun field trip day, we headed home from school and got a flat tire. It’s kind of a long story, but the kids and I walked about a mile home and sweet Devin changed my tire when he got home from work in the rain!IMG_1558IMG_1559IMG_1561 2IMG_1566Silly sock/shoe day.IMG_1568 2IMG_1569 3Cortney and I ran a 5k one Saturday in Columbia while Devin took the kids to AC’s gymnastics party and then to play disc golf.IMG_1600IMG_9937IMG_9941IMG_9961IMG_9962IMG_9963That night we had a family date to see Peter Rabbit at the theatre.IMG_9966Sunday we went to church then to celebrate Big Papa’s 87th birthday. I was in charge of bringing this lovely southern delicacy. 😉 IMG_1601IMG_1602IMG_1604 2IMG_1608One day after school Devin took all 4 of these boys to play golf. Thankfully another dad was able to join them after 3 holes!IMG_9981Breakfast with Dads at school. (AC was getting a fork when they came by and took this picture!)IMG_1694The kids had a great time learning about electricity through SCE&G’s Safety City program!IMG_1700Y’all! We had a great time celebrating Uncle Brandon’s and Grandpa’s birthdays at this new place last Sunday. Bowling, arcade, and good food!IMG_1833IMG_1836IMG_1837IMG_1839IMG_1844IMG_1849 2IMG_1850IMG_1851 2IMG_1857 2IMG_0016IMG_0015 2Singing with Aunt Spencer at Oakleaf on Tuesday. 🙂 IMG_1881Celebrating Pi day by making some lemonade pie!IMG_1895 2IMG_1896 2Our brackets are ready for March Madness! 🙂 IMG_1897 2

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Woo Hoo!

Woo Hoo! After at least 5 trips over the past 3 years, this sweet girl finally chose to get her ears pierced. And just so we won’t forget…here’s a little story about that day…It was February 16. The kids had the day off of school. We hung out with friends that morning. Devin got off work at 1:30. I had to go to work for a couple hours that afternoon and we had dinner plans with my parents that night. D and the kids went shopping at the mall for a valentine gift for me. They got her ears pierced. Without me. Let’s just say momma was a little sad when she got home. Haha! Let me clarify…I was SUPER happy for my girl! She was so excited. I was a little unhappy with her daddy who took her without me. He really had good intentions…He said, “after all these trips and she backed out, she wanted to do it so we did.” He said he got the best earrings and made sure they were even! 🙂 Love them!IMG_1387IMG_1388Woo Hoo! 25 months after diagnosis, this kiddo had a clean EEG and is officially off seizure medicine! Praise the Lord!IMG_1127 2IMG_1392Playing with friends on a day off of school.IMG_1381IMG_1384Enjoyed a great play!IMG_1410 2Winter Golf League fun!IMG_1414 2IMG_9914 2Woo Hoo for nice weather and afternoons at the park after school!IMG_1419 2IMG_1420Learning to play the ukuleles!IMG_1432Woo Hoo for nice weather so we can eat dinner outside and do homework on the porch!IMG_1424 2IMG_1435 2Woo Hoo! Pelicans is open!IMG_1434 3AC and I had a great 24 hours without the boys…she and her gym friends had fun at kid’s night out while the gym moms went to dinner. The next morning we ate breakfast, watched shark tank, volunteered at her school, shopped for spring/summer clothes, baked a cheesecake for the first time, did a little yard work, and had a movie night!IMG_1456 2IMG_1468 2IMG_1470 3IMG_1474 3The boys had fun in Beaufort! So thankful for these memories they made with grandpa!IMG_9874 2IMG_9881 2IMG_9887 2IMG_9897 2IMG_9907 2

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The weekend before Valentine’s Day we had so much fun with the kids! On Saturday, Devin took Charlie to lunch and a USC mens basketball game while I took AC to brunch at Momma Rabbits, shopping for valentines, and helped her wash her hair and paint her nails for her big date night. IMG_1297IMG_1300IMG_1301IMG_1305When the boys got home, her Daddy had bought her flowers and asked her to be his date for the night. 🙂 IMG_1306Before the dance, we all went to Charlie’s last basketball game. IMG_1309IMG_1310IMG_1116After the game, AC and Devin headed to the father/daughter dance while C and I went to play tennis, supper at Zaxby’s, and shopping for valentines. We all had a super wonderful day! IMG_1315IMG_1316IMG_1323IMG_1318IMG_1319IMG_1321The kids had lots of valentine fun at school. They made lots of valentines to give. They even helped the PTA put together candygrams…we sold over 1000!!IMG_1344IMG_1355IMG_1346For almost 2 years now we have been going to a local assisted living home once a month. We spend about an hour there. We bring a treat to share and the kids sing hymns with Aunt Spencer and then they have a devotional time. Anna Claire and Charlie amaze me. I think almost every time I get emotional looking around the room of about 20 senior adults – some who are struggling with memory loss – and I see my kids hugging, calling them by name, singing loudly, and just carrying on a conversation with these sweet people. I know it does these residents good to see familiar faces, but it is oh so wonderful for the kids and me! John 13:34-35 says “A new command I give you: Love one another. As I have loved you, so you must love one another. By this all men will know that you are my disciples if you love one another.” IMG_1354We also went to visit Pa and take him a valentine treat and Meme & Big Papa as well. I am so thankful they are making these sweet memories. I remember many days coloring with crayons in that same cigar box and playing with those same red, yellow, and blue blocks!IMG_1337IMG_1340One day after church we got to have some valentine fun at Aunt Spencer’s house. It was SO much fun! IMG_1331IMG_1332IMG_1334On Valentines day, while the kids were at school, I set the table with my china and cooked homemade lasagna that night for a fancy candlelight dinner. It was so sweet.IMG_1356IMG_1365

We sure do love doing stuff together as a family. We tell the kids all the time that we want to work hard, play hard. So one day after school and work we all headed out to the golf course. IMG_1370IMG_1373IMG_1374IMG_1375IMG_1376IMG_1377And last but not least for this post, several weeks ago AC had lunch and got to spend some time with Aunt Spencer then she came to Charlie’s game. Thanks for taking time to spend with our kiddos! We love you Aunt Spencer!IMG_1103 2IMG_1102 2

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Not the New Year we planned

Y’all! Two weeks before the kids got out of school for their winter break, I was telling another mom how blessed I felt because Devin, the kids, and I had not been sick in 2017…not even a sniffle. Seriously. It was kind of amazing. Then it happened…Charlie got a cold. Thank goodness it was short lived and he was all well for our wonderful Christmas. After Christmas Devin and I went with some good friends to Kiawah. It was beautiful…our villa, the spa, the food, the golf, and the company. The second day Devin left to go play golf and I started running a fever. It was all downhill from there. We came home and I quarantined myself in our room. It was THE FLU. 5 days in the bed. The rest of my family has avoided getting sick and we are praying that is the extent of our illness for 2018! Since I was sick over New Years, I watched a lot of Netflix, ate collards our neighbor shared, and Devin was a rockstar dad! IMG_1077They enjoyed going to the movies, USC Basketball games, and out to dinner. IMG_1070IMG_1105IMG_1106 2IMG_1086 2IMG_1085 2I missed my dad’s 60th birthday party but was thankfully well enough to see the Brazells before they headed back to FL. IMG_1145IMG_1144IMG_1146 2IMG_1172IMG_1134 2IMG_1139IMG_1140IMG_1142 2Once I was well, I got to join in on the fun! Skating, baking, putt putt, IMG_1113 2IMG_1108IMG_1109IMG_1168 2painting, golf, park fun, IMG_1044 2IMG_1175IMG_1188IMG_1189IMG_1185spirit night at CFA, Awanas, 100th day of school, IMG_1192IMG_1195IMG_1239lunch at school with mom, pulled teeth, Carson’s birthday, IMG_1231IMG_1240IMG_1205experiments, guitar playing, fun at school with J, and the Super Bowl. IMG_1282IMG_1283IMG_1226IMG_1245IMG_1265We wrapped up January by completing AC’s room makeover. She is so happy with her big girl room!IMG_0660IMG_1153IMG_1163IMG_1180IMG_1233

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