Finishing Third Grade

Here are my sweet kiddos on their last day of third grade! Can’t believe how quickly this year flew by!IMG_3592IMG_3593 2They had some fun after school eating pizza and swimming with Bryson and Marley! We sure do love these friends…they’ve been in school together since kindergarten and B lives in our neighborhood!IMG_3602 2IMG_3603 2IMG_3604 3That evening we had fun at Caroline’s annual end of the year celebration! So much fun!IMG_3606 3IMG_3607 2IMG_3608 2IMG_3609 2And as I’m wrapping up the end of the year stuff, here are some pictures I haven’t posted yet. Their teachers were so creative. Here are a few of the things they did:IMG_2573IMG_2556 2IMG_2726IMG_2717 2IMG_2696 2IMG_3051 2They enjoyed reading some good books we got from the spring book fair and enjoying pizza at literacy night at school. πŸ™‚Β IMG_2505 2IMG_2507 2IMG_2509IMG_2531Studying spelling words at the park. πŸ™‚Β IMG_2553IMG_2554Our usual lunch spot together at school.IMG_2597 2Decorating cakes for mother’s day.IMG_2838IMG_2839IMG_2852 2Mother’s day breakfast at school.IMG_2869I have so many pictures I could post from all the fun things we did as the PTA for our teachers for teacher appreciation week…donuts, cookies, muffins, notepads and pens, luncheon, etc., but here’s a collage of some of the wonderful teachers at our school! I enjoy so much being able to serve them through the PTA.IMG_3270 2Multiplication ice cream party! For each level, 1-12, they passed, they got to add something. So they needed a bowl, spoon, napkin, up to 4 scoops of ice cream, choc. syrup, caramel, whip cream, sprinkles, and a cherry.IMG_3317IMG_3318IMG_3319IMG_3321IMG_3325Field day!! So much fun!!IMG_3337IMG_3338 2IMG_3340 2IMG_3344 2IMG_3346IMG_3347 2IMG_3348 2IMG_3351IMG_3352 2IMG_3360IMG_3364 2IMG_3370IMG_3488 2Working on their math breakout box!!IMG_3487IMG_3486IMG_3485

I’m so thankful for such a wonderful school and a great 3rd grade year for AC and C! Granny and Papa kept up the tradition Ma and Pa started with getting the kids a charm and tool for doing well in school. AC got a chef’s hat and Charlie got pliers! So exciting!!IMG_1275Now we are enjoying our summer!!

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There’s no place like home!

Devin and I had a chance to get away together and go to San Antonio, TX. On Friday my parents came to eat dinner with us then the kids left with them to go to their house for 5 nights. The kids were so excited! Devin and I (ok…well I) packed our bags so we would be ready to go. We left early the next morning to catch an early flight (thanks Cortney and Jennifer for the ride to the airport!) We had a great flight and watched the Royal wedding while flying!IMG_3106 2IMG_3108 2IMG_3110 2 We landed in SA around 11. Dropped our stuff off at our super nice hotel on the river then went out to explore. We toured the Alamo, got chips, salsa, guacamole, and queso at a little place on the river for an afternoon snack, walked all through their mall(y’all! It is so big and there are tons of stores. We got chair massages 2 days in a row! Ha!), headed back to the hotel to freshen up before dinner at a REALLY good BBQ place on the river. We got seats on the water and got to watch the early Memorial Day patriotic boat parade! IMG_3112IMG_3121IMG_3119IMG_3277 2IMG_3278IMG_3137IMG_3126IMG_3133 2This same day the kids went to NC with my parents and Pa to tour Billy Graham’s homestead and library. They enjoyed a late lunch before heading back home. They cooked a yummy dinner of chicken alfredo and AC baked a lemon cake. IMG_3327IMG_3261IMG_3260IMG_3259IMG_3258IMG_3257IMG_3256IMG_3255IMG_3140IMG_3254IMG_3215Sunday we hopped on the bus and headed to the SA zoo. It was neat to see different animals than we have here.IMG_3142IMG_0863IMG_0927 2IMG_3148 2IMG_0956IMG_0950IMG_0871 2IMG_0874After the zoo we got a late lunch. That evening we met a friend for dinner at a yummy Italian place then we went for a walk and stopped at Starbucks for D to do some work.IMG_0978IMG_0979IMG_3216 2The kids also had fun on Sunday. They went to church with Granny and Papa, ate lunch at Moes, went to the SC state museum, then spent the rest of the day at their house. πŸ™‚Β IMG_3213 2IMG_3252IMG_3253Monday morning Devin had to work so I got back on the bus and went to the botanical gardens, did some shopping, relaxed and read, and when Devin got done we headed out for hors d’oeuvres with some colleagues. After that we walked along the river and ate at a yummy Mexican restaurant with a one of Devin’s colleagues.Β Β The ducks really wanted our food! After that we got some ice cream. Yum!IMG_3229IMG_3238 2IMG_3247IMG_0990That Monday the kids got off to school, AC had gymnastics after school, Granny and Charlie went to the bookstore to get the next book in a series since he finished the first one. I’m so jealous of all the yummy food granny and papa cooked them!IMG_3251IMG_3250Tuesday morning D headed back to work and I took a walk along the river again and then headed to the San Antonio Missions(there are 4 of them). I toured the San Jose mission. It was so neat! That evening we headed to the airport for our flight. It was a later flight and we landed in Atlanta around 9:45pm. We were supposed to have a short layover and land in Columbia at 12:38am. Let’s just say it was after 2am when we landed so we were super tired. The kids had another great day at school and at Charlie’s football game.IMG_3273IMG_3284IMG_3285IMG_3287IMG_3288 2IMG_3296IMG_3295IMG_3303IMG_3304IMG_3315While we had a wonderful time away and the kids loved their time with Granny and Papa, there’s no place like home!

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Catching Up ~ End of April & Beginning of May 2018

Daddy’s birthday! Our sweet girl made his cake and we had family over to celebrate on Saturday. On Sunday we went to lunch at Olive Garden with our best friends. Happy 35th! πŸ™‚Β IMG_2574IMG_2575 2IMG_2576 2IMG_2578IMG_2580IMG_2586IMG_2587My birthday! Gift in the mail from the Brazells:IMG_2799Melanie’s students learned to play happy birthday and they FaceTimed me! So awesome!IMG_2850Sweet thoughtful gift from my sweet friend! πŸ™‚Β IMG_2851 2Dinner at Flight deck with family:IMG_2855IMG_0566 2IMG_0577IMG_0579IMG_0581IMG_2856 2These two boys! Such fun friends!IMG_2549 2IMG_25505 mile Heart and Sole race!IMG_2569 2A little family game night fun.IMG_2589After school at the park and Pelicans.IMG_2599IMG_2600IMG_2601 2Family golf outing.IMG_2608 2IMG_2610 2IMG_2616 2IMG_2624IMG_2625Family tennis outing.IMG_2642 2IMG_2644IMG_2645 2Our awesome boy has had fun playing football. He learned all he knows from his momma! (that is totally a joke!)IMG_2629 2IMG_2702 2IMG_2783IMG_2785IMG_2782IMG_3276One of these days he’s gonna beat his daddy. πŸ˜‰Β IMG_3093Oh sweet Charlie! Charlie stopped taking his seizure medicine in February after a clean EEG in January, but the seizures are back. Please pray his body works well with the medicine and that he will out grow these!IMG_3071Super fun birthday party for Nathan! These boys have been friends forever!IMG_2449 2IMG_2450 2IMG_2452End of season gymnastics team banquet. πŸ™‚Β IMG_2470 2IMG_2473 2IMG_2476IMG_2480IMG_2492 2We visit this place a little too often! πŸ˜‰Β IMG_0792 2My boys love golf! They took an overnight trip and visited with granny. Then they went to a golf tournament and had a blast!IMG_2493IMG_0456IMG_0521IMG_0524 2IMG_0525 2Mother’s day fun at Nana and Grandpa’s house.IMG_0548 2IMG_0549 2IMG_0551IMG_2751 2IMG_2757IMG_2760Mother’s day fun at our house for Momma and meme!IMG_2731 2IMG_2734 2IMG_2739 2Love them!!IMG_2741 2IMG_2744 2Cousin fun one day after school!IMG_2714 2IMG_2715Random fun…baking, puzzles, and reading.IMG_2727 2IMG_2728 2IMG_2729 2Oakleaf fun for Mother’s day.IMG_2777IMG_2779 2Picnic dinner.IMG_2812Mother’s day gifts from my babies!IMG_3102 2IMG_3103IMG_3104 2Girl fun while the boys were at the golf tournament.IMG_2697IMG_2698 2IMG_2699 2She loves her daddy!IMG_2692These precious school friends. We loved seeing Marley in her church play and then dinner with her family afterwards!IMG_2683IMG_2684 2While I did some professional development with these awesome preservice teachers, the kids had fun at the zoo with Devin.IMG_2664IMG_2701IMG_2678IMG_2679Relaxing in the enos!IMG_2685IMG_2688Whew! F.I.N.A.L.L.Y. caught up! πŸ™‚

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Work Hard, Play Hard – Mother’s day edition

This is something that Devin has said to the kids often. In our family we work hard. Whether it is our job, at school, serving others, doing things around our home…we work hard and do it well. In return, we play hard. Last weekend was my birthday/Mother’s Day. I can’t think of a better way to spend it than in the mountains with my little family. We were excited to head back to Maggie Valley, NC. Right after school we hit the road. We stopped at this little family owned pizza place and it was so good. Then we finished the trip up the mountain to this little slice of heaven.IMG_2920IMG_2921 2The kids were excited to find the rocks they painted last summer and put along the path.IMG_2922Relaxing in the cabin.IMG_2925IMG_2927Y’all! I just love these three!IMG_0609Charlie spotted a snake skin and daddy reached it for him!IMG_0613IMG_0617Pretty waterfall!IMG_0623IMG_0627IMG_0630 2IMG_0634Check out all the butterflies!!IMG_0646IMG_0592IMG_0650IMG_0654Another waterfall…IMG_0662IMG_0667IMG_0676 2IMG_0684 2IMG_0707After hiking we ate a yummy lunch downtown Bryson City then explored a fishing museum. Ha! Charlie loved it. The kids did a scavenger hunt and they gave them new hats to wear when it’s cold.IMG_2939IMG_2940After exploring around Bryson City we headed to Darnell Farms.IMG_2941IMG_2943 2IMG_2944IMG_2945They let the kids try YELLOW watermelon!IMG_2946IMG_2980IMG_2981After dinner we headed to the Cataloochee Valley. Oh my! So beautiful. We saw wild turkeys and some elk.IMG_0751IMG_2985Back to the cabin for some smores! Yum!IMG_2988IMG_2989Hot tub fun on Sunday!IMG_0755The boys had a blast playing golf.IMG_0757 2IMG_0761 2IMG_0773AC and I went shopping, hiked soco falls, and even played a little golf ourselves (putt putt style). {Two quick stories I want to remember about my sweet girl…when we were in one store these little stuffed animals were all mixed up. I turned the corner and she was organizing them. She said she couldn’t stand the mess! Also, putt putt was hilarious. This sweet girl played by her own rules and got 2s and 3s on most of the holes. πŸ˜‰ }IMG_2990 2IMG_2993IMG_2995IMG_2997 2IMG_3001IMG_3004IMG_3006 2IMG_3026 2IMG_3031IMG_3032 2Having fun at the playground near the cabin.IMG_0780These kiddos had to hide the Indian for Mrs. Alice before we left. Wonder if she found it??IMG_3033 2So thankful for a wonderful weekend away enjoying God’s beautiful creation!

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Little of this and a little of that…

Our crew has been enjoying American Idol! We even had our own competition one night. πŸ™‚Β IMG_1917Love my daddy!IMG_1949 2Had fun with my momma and AC at the Lexington’s DYW program.IMG_1953 2Happy St. Patrick’s day!IMG_1941 2Funny Story! Y’all! Devin for 3 years in a row has tricked our kids on April Fools day. Year one he tricked them that their teacher had called one night and was still at school and they had not finished their work so he made them get in his truck in their pajamas and started backing out of the driveway before he told them it was a joke. Last year he tricked them that this crazy big bird was migrating through SC so they made it some orange honey bread and Devin pretended to catch it. It was so funny! This year we were in Florida so Justin, Bekah, Mel, and Devin changed my name in their contacts to “Florida State Zoo” I sent the below texts to them. It was hilarious. We even got my parents. Devin was in the front yard looking for it and pretended he saw it. Oh my it was so funny(except for the part that some kids started crying!)IMG_2252President of the PTA, participant on the School Improvement Council, a member of the Superintendent’s parent advisory council, a parent ambassador for the district, and now a member of the facilities study committee…I’m busy but so thankful to be a small part of the great work being done here in our school district!IMG_2434Our boy has started football practice and games again. He loves it!IMG_1934 2IMG_2411 2Isn’t he the cutest golfer ever?!IMG_1954Sunday fun with our small group from church!IMG_1981IMG_1982Our sweet, lazy Daisy!IMG_1993IMG_2033 2IMG_2034Oh Peekaboo! You’re a mess and cost us a lot of money the other week, but we love you!IMG_1994 2IMG_2031 2IMG_2032IMG_2080Basketball fun after school!IMG_2001Our little baker…IMG_2006 2IMG_2015Oh my sweet little bunnies! They’re holding that basket in the following pictures at our annual egg hunt with Mrs. Elizabeth. This year the kids hid the eggs for the adults too. πŸ˜‰Β IMG_2071 2IMG_2040 2IMG_2039 2IMG_2041 2IMG_2042 2IMG_2043IMG_2049First day of spring! Enjoying snow cones with our friends. πŸ™‚Β IMG_2007 2Coloring eggs!IMG_2018IMG_2020IMG_2025Super fun Saturday afternoon/evening with family. Love these sweet cousins! IMG_2054Y’all! I can’t catch a break with tires. This is the second nail in 2 months!IMG_2078Cute egg tree.Β IMG_1999A little bit of chalk artwork!IMG_2087IMG_2099That’s all for now! πŸ™‚

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